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What is the best Bluetooth keyboard on the market?

Hello,New to forum here and hoping maybe someone could help me with this deal. I’m on the hunt on Bluetooth keyboard. Can you recommend, please, some really good Bluetooth keyboards?.
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avatar Last reply by Thicas13 on

Graphics Crash

Hi this is my first thread, and i hope i can explain myself so that thos'e with greater knowlage can understand my frustrating problem, and give me the help that i so desperatly need.
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avatar Last reply by mcamp on

Help with pc game, American Mcgee's Alice

Hi I have a question about an old pc game for windows 7.The game is called American Mcgee's Alice and I would like to buy it online as used but I need to know if it will work on windows 7 and if i can play it as used.
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avatar Last reply by kajali on

Acer Aspire ax1301

I have a broken door flap, how can I remove front panel to repair door hinge and spring, thankyou
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avatar Last reply by johnnyallan on

Logging in problem. Win XP

Quite a long time ago a windows update caused computers to save 'personal settings' and log out automatically immediately upon log in. At the time my PC only had one User account and the problem was easily solved by a simple restore, removal of password followed by a new Windows Update that solved the problem.
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avatar Last reply by dimvlaan on

help Read/write GUID from registry

Hello everyone. I want to distribute a batchfile, script or precompiled inno setup file to the non professional pc users like your mom for example. It should disable the tcp nagle algorithm to lower latency for online gaming.
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avatar Last reply by joshi on

Updated motherboard chipset - Net stopped working

FXP Stands for File Exchange Protocol; Pretty much what it does is a User can connect to 2 different FTP's and transfer files between the two bypassing his own Computer.
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avatar Last reply by Soaron on

Vista type problem, need help!

Hi all, I have a problem with my pc, I have vista 64 OS and I wanted to join a game club-called GAME TAP, when I tried to load/run the required player from them it wouldnt load/install intell I finaly turned off my vista user account control-then it loaded and played fine, however when ever the user account control ...
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avatar Last reply by tiren417 on

nV4_disp problems

I am having a problem with my computer. When i start it up in normal mode I either get a blue screen that says nV4_disp is stuckin an infinate loop. Also when it is started in normal mode the screen stutters.
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avatar Last reply by Ang1e on

PC won't fire up

HELP please if you can. Our street had a power cut last night and today my zt1000 won't start, inside the hard drive , right at the bottom of everything else I can see three really small square buttons one has a power insignia on it and is flashing red, one says reset on it in tiny letters and is also flashing the ...
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

pc start up problem

disk checking appears when ever i switch on my pc
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

Hi All. Kindly help me out of this problem. I found out that all my computers sharing the same network are using 2hotspot. com as a default network and as a default website.
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avatar Last reply by Jennifer on


hey i need your guys help. . . . . well whenever i go onto my laptop ( windows xp ) it goes to a blue screan. . . . . . it says a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damae to your comp.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

Processor core monitor

I have a HP m7525 PC and I worry about processor core temperature, does anyone know of a monitor program that will work with a Pentium D 820 Dual core processor ? Several I have tried give a invalid processor error message.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

reccomend a new socket 939 proc?

my AMD FX-57 just puked. I need a new proc for my Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe socket 939 mobo. What's the best bang for the buck that comapres to or is a better proc than the single-core 2.
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avatar Last reply by ThudZ3ro on

nx 7300

Hi all, I purchased a HP nx 7300 laptop 10 months ago but have been unable to use it as it is locked. When i switch it on it only offers me two choices F9 Boot device menu or F10 ROM based set up.
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avatar Last reply by dimvlaan on

lost my marbles... and a driver or 2

my computer was having an issue with huge amounts of memory usage being used on minor or even background programs. i looked around online and asked a few computer literate friends what was wrong.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

Networking 2 laptops and 1 desktop

I need to create a Shared Drive on my laptop in order for 1 desktop and 1 other laptop to share a program. I am connected by a Belkin Wireless Network. How do I create a Shared Drive? :thankyou:.
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avatar Last reply by lawin on

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