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General Graphics Card Talk

General Graphics Card Talk

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help with graphics card for pc

hi every one im new here and need some help to what graphics card i can get to play games on my pc if any can help please Hewlett-Packard 09F8H (Small Form Factor) Motherboard Specifications.
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Why my Geforce card will not work?

Asus TX-97E rev 1.11 is the motherboard which i had a S3 32m video card in it. I decided to upgrade so I bought a e-GeForce4 MX440 64m card but the board will not even boot with it.
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AGP compliant?

alright, i have a dell dimension 3000 with stock motherboard and 1277mb RAM, and im considering buying a sapphire 9600 pro 256mb from a friend and i need to know if my pc will be compatable with this card.
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My "Homemade" SLI cooler

I think it looks crap. The photographer needs shooting. I us an alluminium case and have taken shots that can look just as bad and others that make it look nice.
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avatar Last reply by lampers1 on

Graphics in Frankfurt

Hi, I'll be visiting Frankfurt for less than a month. I was thinking of purchasing a mid-range card whilst there. Since warp2search has a german base, I was wondering whether some of the guys here could help me suggest whats the best mode of purchase and what to purchase.
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Best graphics card of all time?

Now I started this thread so that you could tell us what you think is the best graphics card of all time. I don't want any Nvidia vs. ATi statements, keep that for flameage topics.
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avatar Last reply by bpsback on

AGP Video Card

Guardian Angel
Hi, Dell Dimension 8200 (850 chipset - 400FSB) Intel P4 1.9Ghz 768MB SAMSUNG RDRAM (PC800) 60GB HDD Geforce3 Ti200 64MB (AGP) Dell 1905FP (8ms version) What is the best Nvidia card that will fit this configuration, for a reasonable price? I was thinking 6600GT, but the 256MB 6200 looks ok.
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avatar Last reply by Guardian Angel on

Help please on purchase?

Hi I am looking for an upgrade on my current graphics card, however as I'm on a budget, can anyone tell me which is faster: Gainward GeForce 64MB ti4200 OR Gainward GeForce 128MB Fx5200 ?? Thanks AMD Athlon 2200 MSI KT4-ultra 2 512 PC2700MB memory Lite-on 52-24-52 CD-Rewriter Creative Encore 12x DVD Gainward 64MB T ...
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GPU Comparison Guide Rev. 3.0

Dark Biene
Have they provided any 'new' features here? I'm pretty sure that all that can be done with current drivers and applications. Admitedly its an all in one solution, and they claim to have a better image quality.
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Ati x850 PE PCI Express VS Dual Nvidia 6800 Ultra SLI

I am currenty in the process of upgrading my video card to PCI express. But my problem is which side to go with. Nvidia or Ati? I want to go with SLI but people tell me that the driver support is not there and for the price you pay it's the same or not much faster then going with the best that ATI has to offer.
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avatar Last reply by gunnerhkjp on

Need Latest Voodoo3 3000 (PCI) Driver

I just went back to my old Voodoo3 3000 PCI card after my GF4 died on me :knife: I've been looking very hard for new drivers but very hard to come by. Anyone know where I can get the latest drivers please?.
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avatar Last reply by I.C. Wiener on

6800 or 7800?

Guardian Angel
I wanna go SLI, or at least SLI compatible, but with the idea to get the second in about 6 months. 6800 or 7800? Mark. .
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Big Problem!

Guardian Angel
Right, Need your help with this one guys. My specs are below. The card's been running fine for 6 months (I replaced the 64MB Geforce 3 Ti 200 it had originally).
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avatar Last reply by garikfox on

3D MARK 2005 score and impressions

The demo which was entertaining on '03 edition is not quite even amusing to look at on this '05 edition. Okay , it's a benchmark but you can enjoy the demos of former editions but on this one i didn't.
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avatar Last reply by El_Coyote on

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