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What Are Your Currently Playing?

Hello everyone, which game are you currently playing? I am currently playing cyberpunk 2077 which I started playing about a week ago and I am really enjoying the game.
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avatar Last reply by william7 on

Perfect games for Halloween

It's a little bit late, but I hope you will enjoy this list of Horror games. Here is a list of best games to play during a Halloween! Personally i can recommend Outlast, developed by red barrels Resident Evil 7Outlast 2Little nightmaresSilent Hill 2Slender: The Eight PagesAmnesia: The Dark Descent source: http ...
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avatar Last reply by Deforest on

Do you want to be a car designer?

Atari invites all novice designers to create an image of their dream concept car. The winner will have their design driving alongside cars such as the Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin as a fully functioning 3D vehicle within Test Drive Unlimited.
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avatar Last reply by Kuroomi on

Auto Assault review

Although an unsavoury element has been combining cars and guns with living fast and dying young, the rest of us have been sadly deprived of depraved vehicular mayhem.
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avatar Last reply by silent_sTeZel18 on

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion First Impressions

on my PC it was this special option which was activated I do not know why but it was after I installed 40.41 so it seem there is a bug or something like this I remember that this isn't the first time an earlier det had the same problem (donnu which one) so its recommended to check if it is enabled or not and it onl ...
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avatar Last reply by BlackMetalQueen on

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review

This is a rare and remarkable achievementa huge, open-ended, complex, detailed role-playing game that's fun to play and a pleasure to behold. Oblivion not only delivers everything that earned the Elder Scrolls series the devoted loyalty of a huge following of fans, but also significantly improves on the weaknesses ...
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avatar Last reply by BlackMetalQueen on

Xbox 360 Team Match

Anyone up for a Team Match for COD3 or Gears? Let me know if your interested? and we'll set up a small league and if we get alot of interest I'll make a frontpage announcement
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avatar Last reply by BlackMetalQueen on

What you must know about Resident Evil 4 PC before purchase

They're gonna have about 20 cards out between now and April 29th, then they're going to ship 99,980 cards out on the 30th. :rolleyes: This whole FX launch has already turned into a bad running joke, why not just take the wraps off it and get it over with?.
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avatar Last reply by Juomaru on

Panzer Vista Patch !

Stormregion now offers new patches for Codename: Panzers Phase One and Codename: Panzers Phase Two, bringing Windows Vista compatibility to the World War II real-time strategy series.
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avatar Last reply by Degger* on

What Direct X 10 games are coming and when?

I could upgrade my current rig to 2x8800GTX right now. However, by the looks of it I have no reason to because there are no games that demands that kind of power that I have not already finished (I have 2x7900GTX now).
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avatar Last reply by JemyM on

BF 2142 Patch 1.06

Greetings, This update addresses a crash issue that some player experience at the end of a round in Titan Mode. Following the v1.05 Update for Battlefield 2142, some players have experienced crashes at the end of the round when playing in Titan mode.
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avatar Last reply by Jackass on

Need for Speed Carbon Demo

RD-RAM memory isn't getting the attention it needs , its the perfect memory for the Presscot P4 especially when the 11k mb/s modules will arrive btw Rambus have a new website and a very good looking roadmap Also isn't DDR-II a Nvidia exclusive memory?? dont they mean Dual-Channel DDR??
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avatar Last reply by sotos on

ANNO 1701 German Demo out

Dark Biene
Source: here Sunflowers has released a playable demo of ANNO 1701, allowing you to try out the German version of the third chapter of the Anno strategy series.
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avatar Last reply by Dark Biene on

free RTS Spring 0.73b1 released

Are You Total Annihilation fans? RTS player looking for chalenge? Spring is there for You OpenSource (read free) RTS game engine (mainly for Total Annihilation mod) gives full 3D (absolute camera freedom).
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avatar Last reply by Dwarden on

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