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General Software

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Linpack Stress Test Released

Linpack Xtreme is a console front-end with the latest build of Linpack (Intel Math Kernel Library Benchmarks 2018.3.011). Linpack is a benchmark and the most aggressive stress testing software available today.
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avatar Last reply by Regeneration on

Photo recovery software?

Hello everyone! I have a big problem and I need some help. My son has deleted all my photos from a digital camera and now I'm sad, and obviously I'm very angry with him.
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avatar Last reply by Dustin DeTorres on

usb drivers

i have a small prob. my pc is running on winxp sp2 and is fully updated. but i still have a problem with my usb ports. i have an external hdd that i can connect to a usb port and the pc isn't detecting the hdd as a device through usb.
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avatar Last reply by pollostar on

CD/DVD burning software

Can anyone suggest a fully featured CD/DVD burning programme that I can download and use for free? Used to use Nero years ago but don't want to pay for a new version, and am not happy with Roxio that came installed on my computer.
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avatar Last reply by dlb on

Talk 'bout BitTorrent

Dark Biene
Ok. . . here u can write ur experiences with BitTorrent programms what's the good and the bad of your or other progz? why should we use Bitcomet, Azureus, ABC, etc? why is it good to use Bittorrent? let's talk about.
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avatar Last reply by dlb on

Extend Partition

About to re-size computer partition Do you have problems such as resize, extend, shrink partition. . . . . read this, I wish could give you a hand. Partition Manager is free and works well.
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avatar Last reply by blood-michael on

DVD Player

DVD Player is one of the most efficient and powerful tools ever used to play DVD movies. By using this player, you will be able to Grab snapshot and save it as an image, Grab snapshot and save it directly as wallpaper.
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avatar Last reply by PrettyGirl on

Scanning website files on the fly

Alan Connor
peer to peer but to me that means kazza, direct connect ,napster and ther clones and arn't companies trying to ban them, so what makes m$ so different!! btw, im a n00b
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avatar Last reply by Alan Connor on

DivFix++ v0.32

Death Knight
DivFix++ is an AVI repair and Fix software. Designed for preview AVI video files while downloading from internet such as eMule, Torrent or gnutella sites. . . It supports Linux, Mac OSX and Windows OSes plus Unicode language support.
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avatar Last reply by Death Knight on

Browser problems...

Whatever the die process, whatever the memory, whatever the final clock speeds may be; I just want them to get this puppy out the door soon so I can pick up a 9500/9700 Pro for CHEAP!!! Well, that and wouldn't it be quite a swift kick-in-the-nuts to nVidia to get the 9900 Pro out the door before the FX becomes avai ...
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

Searching for a bulk folder renaming utility that....

... can work from a file that tells it what the original is versus what the new is to be. We have about 580 folders that we need to rename, all numbered, and want each folder to move from specific number X to specific number Y. 5 to become 89 19 to become 118 Ect ect. Can anyone suggest a free app that would be abl ...
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

WAP4400N auto soft reboot

i'm thinking to schedule an auto soft reboot for this linksys WAP4400N access point, because it starts to hang over time. how to do this? is there any other solution? I'm having like 10 APs and they are sticked on wall which is hard to reach.
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avatar Last reply by XIII on

Does Yahoo Messenger just suck?

Is it just me and my local area, or does Yahoo Messenger just LOVE to disconnect for no good reason? On both my work ISP (Global Crossing) and at home (RoadRunner), I get dropped as many as 20 times a day! I've run constant pings to their servers - no latency problems.
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avatar Last reply by dimvlaan on

dfx sound - don´t buy it

Don't ever belief in DFX - their latest DFX Plus software does not work on WMP 11 and other players. Their service is worse - no replies despite so many e-mails and online feedback.
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avatar Last reply by Persecutor on

my bitcomet won't download.

I have about half of my download complete. it's a rather large file. it's like. . . 5.46 GB and I have 53.2 percent of it dl'd. but It has stopped downloading.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

need automatic OC software

i use a program for my athlon xp called 8rdavcore that allows me to automatically overclock/underclock the cpu based on cpu usage. i was wondering if anyone knows of any software that would work on a P4EE (gallatin)/875p to do the same thing.
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avatar Last reply by ThudZ3ro on

3DMark 2003 score Post'em if you got'em

Well it sucks that you can only post your score once in the unregistered version. Actually didn't find that out till I tried to do a second. Anyway. . . Is 5702 good? middle of the road? Ok.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

3DMark05 - Post yer Scores

5290 is what I got. Using new ATI beta drivers. Overclocked the card a little. http://service. futuremark. com/compare?3dm05=13132 AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton MSI K7N2 Delta-L (nForce2 Ultra) 512 X 2 DDR400 Radeon X800 Pro 16 pipes (Catalyst 8.
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avatar Last reply by Dark Biene on

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