RivaTuner 2.01

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RivaTuner is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. The widest driver-level Direct3D / OpenGL and system tuning options, flexible profiling system allowing to make custom settings on per-application basis, both driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, unique diagnostic and realtime hardware monitoring features and exclusive power user oriented tools like built-in registry editor and patch script engine make RivaTuner's feature set absolutely unmatched.

Alienware Darkstar Desktop Theme Package

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Introducing Alienware Darkstar, our most dangerous and mind-blowing experiment to date. This follow up to the wildly popular AlienMorph? and ALXMorph? theme kits comes fully loaded with deadly features like stunningly animated runtime sequences with stereo soundFX, function-responsive LED arrays, and highly tactile control surfaces?all wrapped up in mysterious dark Alienware technology.

A64 500Mhz HTT barrier broken on DFI LT UP NF4 SLI-D @ XtremeResources

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Hot off the presses at XtremeResources, our very own MrIcee has broken the barrier of HTT speed and stability and managed to hit an incredible 500Mhz HTT speed aboard the DFI UT LP NF4 SLI-D board. This speed has been achieved before, but this time it has been CPU-Z verified and validated.

ABIT NF7-S Little TrickTweak for Ya

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Thanks to the other BatCave winOScentral for the heads up?

I have an ABIT NF7-S motherboard and I use the onboard 10/100 LAN adapter as most of you probably do.

Frame Rate Tweak for Unreal Tournament 2004

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I found a good way to improve on the frame rate in this game, and it is just a click away. It really helped me out, as I now run the game at 1,600 by 1,200 32 Bit color with 6x AA, and 16X AF. Plus every option is maxed out.

Using your Nokia Mobile Phone as a Police Radar Detect

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Apparantly your Nokia 5510, 6110, 6150, 8210, 8250 phone can be used to detect police since they can tune into the same band - but this was posted on a international site so we don't know if it works in UK??? Anyway here is the procedure ::

ATi Radeon 9800NP-Pro To Radeon XT Sucessful With New BIOS

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NT posted this article over in our Readers News section but I think it's well worth a mention on the Frontpage! Try at Your Own Risk?

3DMAXX has tested out the recently found 128MB Radeon 9800XT BIOS with Radeon 9800NP/Pro based cards with great sucess. You may remember their article awhile back, well this is the conclusion. Everything is going sucessful and smothly. Several people have sucessfully flashed with the new 128MB BIOS and transformed their 9800NP/Pro into a full XT. This is also showing upto 10% performance gains clock for clock.

WMP9 Plugin for Opera 7.x v0.90

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Just spotted this bit of news over at Nvmax.com

Forum member Rejzor has updated his Windows Media Player plugin for Opera 7.xx. Good stuff, Download it now. What's New?

fixed compatibility problems with some systems fixed MMS protocol registration with Opera more info added for some options

How to make WinXP Pro boot faster?

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Just spotted this bit of Info at Futuremark's Forum posted by jfitzw!

I dont know about any file that will change it other than bootvis, which never worked for me. one guarunteed way to get faster boots, is to change the prefetch options. do this

start > run > type regedit > navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > Current control set > Control > Session Manager > Memory Management > Prefetch Parameters. change the value in EnablePrefetcher from 3 to 5. reboot and watch the faster speed.

Uninstall Hidden Windows XP and 2000 Programs

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Just spotted this bit of Info over at TechTv.

We all want to uninstall everything Windows doesn't completely need to run optimally. Problem is, some programs you don't want taking up space hide away. They're next to impossible to find, much less remove. Don't worry, because tonight I have a Windows tweak that'll help you immediately. Yes, we showed you how to do it back in November 2001, but my gut and my inbox tell me I should mention it again.

Operation: Integration Alumicoat Phase

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This just in from those mad guy's at MadShrimps ..... One of our visitors has started an impressive MOD of his PC/Chair/Table/Monitor and Keyboard, you have to see it to believe it!

This operation will consist of having the entire work station integraded, which will include completely custom built desk that will become the pc's case. Along with a semi-stealthed keyboard and mouse, a stealthed webcam that will be built into lcd monitor and will be remotely controlled from keyboard tray.

Dawn OpenGL Wrapper Updated

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Rage3D have posted an updated OpenGL Wrapper for running the Dawn demo on your Radeon graphics card.

Software Mod For Turning Your Radeon 9500 Non-Pro Into A 9700

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Just got word that the Software Mod For Turning Your Radeon 9500 Non-Pro Into A 9700 guide has been updated for combination with the Catalyst 3.5 drivers! If the softmod succeeds your card will behave exactly like a 9700 (8 pipelines, 256bit bus) card.

wxp-w2k-radeon-7-90-030605m-009437c-efg.exe 6.48 MB

Software Mod For Turning Your Radeon 9500 Non-Pro Into A 9700

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Just got word that the Software Mod For Turning Your Radeon 9500 Non-Pro Into A 9700 guide has been update with the Catalyst 3.4 drivers! If the softmod succeeds your card will behave exactly like a 9700 (8 pipelines, 256bit bus) card.

Catalyst 3.4 - v6.14.10.6343: wxp-w2k-radeon-7-88-030430m-008946c-efg.exe 6.23 MB

NVRefreshTool 2.1a Released

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NVRefreshTool is a utility used to fix the problem in Windows 2000/XP that sets your refresh rate to 60Hz when you play ANY game. Version 2.1a has finally been released, after many long hardships. Hard drive failure being one of them. This is primarily a bug fix with release, read more for the change log and download. Click on read more for additional information.

New GLIDE2x and GLIDE3x runtime

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Just spotted this @ Guru3d.com! Here's what their saying.

For those who still use 3dfx cards (I know there are still many of you out there ) these were the latest 'modded' glide runtime by KoolSmokey.

GLIDE2x.dll version GLIDE3x.dll version

Mod ur Radeon 9500/9700 cards to FireGLZ1/ FireGLX1 @ Xbitlabs.com

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Couple of days ago www.xbitlabs.com published a report here ,on converting ATI 9500 card to ATI 9700 using Software only Unwinder patch , it did reported that not all mods end in SUCCESS . Today it has published how to convert ATI 9700 (@ US $318 approx.) card to ATI Fire GLX1 (@ US $ 600 approx.) and also turning ATI 9500 Card (@ US $150 to US $183 approx. ) to ATI FireGL Z1 card (@ US $ 500approx. ) by hardware mod. I wonder what is ATI thinking of this. Recently it has risen to top as (performance leader) after its introduction of ATI 9700 .But if these tricks are successfully executed, ATI might loose a large chunk of revenue earned by selling top-of-the-line cards.

BIOS Editor updated to build 425.

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I was at Ray Adams NVIDIA BIOS page when I seen the newest update for his BIOS editor Build 425
"Added experimental mode for GeForce 4 with AGP 8x and Control block higher than 5.25. Post your comments please.
Fixed minor bug with bios version string"

warp2... X-Bios

Detonator 41.80 ''Hidden'' options

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This I believe we covered before with past 40.xx drivers but I thought I'll jog your memory and let you know how to enable some options in latest 41.80 drivers that are not enabled by default. Click on Read More for more info.

Faster WinXP Gaming

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Just spotted this tweak for all you XP fanboys out there! from Nvnews.net!

WindowsXP is a great OS, but one problem I find that bugs the hell out of me is Mouse Acceleration. It's especially irritating when I play FPS games. Luckily there's a simple fix for this. Click the Start Button, go to Run and type Regedit.

Get Full RAID Support For Promise Controllers

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Just spotted this @ Entcity.com:

Do you own a Asus, Abit, MSI, Gigabyte or some other branded motherboard with onboard RAID controller? Well the thing is that these controllers, typically from Promise are "Lite" versions and only give a minimum of 64kb in block sizes and only one array with max 2 disks. But, if you want the real thing and want to run a RAID system with 4 disks in ONE array and block sizes down to 1kb, you're in luck.

You can grab a modded BIOS that replaces the RAID controller BIOS with a fully functional Promise TX2000 BIOS.

Athlon Optimized Quake Arena DLLs

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Just spotted this @ Amdzone.com

Aaron Gordon let me know that he has released these Quake Arena optimized DLLs. There is a version for the Thunderbird or non SSE, and the Palomino/Thoroughbred SSE version of the Athlon. If anyone can run some benchmarks with these please let me know. There is also a version that works with Thunderbirds and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

Nvidia Detonator 40.52 Coolbits Hack

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Ok this is for all the peeps that emailed me asking: how do I enable the overclocking utility in NVIDIA Detonators 40.52 and how do I enable the Direct3d settings?!

And before I forget the refresh rates tab's do work! If it's greyed out click on the override refresh rates, then choose the resolution you want. Double click that and it should open a tab with all the available refresh rates mine goes upto 120hz then press apply, then ok! But remember if you try and set it back to applications control refresh rates it will set them back to your default setting. Tested on Widows 98SE.

WinXP + SP1 CPU Usage Fix

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I noticed in your forum as well as VIAArena.com and AMD.com and a bunch more, people are having CPU usage problems after installing XP SP1. I had the same problem, my usage was about 56% at idle. I found a thread in a forum, tried it and it worked for me. If you wanna let people know im sure they'd really appreciate it. This is the website with the fix: Hardcoreware.net forum - WinXP + SP1 = 56% CPU Usage @ Idle? Thanks a lot, My name is Justin Roach :)

Tweak your Yamaha YMF7x4 sound card drivers

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Big Thanks to Majorgeeks.com for this! The program allows you to tweak your YMF7x4 (YMF724, YMF740, YMF744 and YMF754) sound card driver. Using this program you can increase quality of WAV and MP3 files and audio CD playback. You can enable non-documented high quality 44.1 to 48 kHz samplerate converter to increase quality of WAV and MP3 playback and quality of audio CD and a lot More......

NVDVD Coolbits

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Just got an email from Nvmax.com that they have updated their NVDVD Tweaks to NVDVD Coolbits and added a lot of cool features. Here's what their saying.

Beltxo has sent us his latest reg file for NVDVD and it enables tons of new property windows in the software. Check 'downloads' to get it then start tweaking just about everything from Karaoke to Bass to DXA options. Loads of stuff to look at.

NVDVD Reg Tweak

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Just saw this @ Nvmax.com

You know that nVDVD lets you grab frames, and record WAVs from DVDs... But this version allows you to record full scenes!!!!!!!!!. I have found that you only have to add a key to Windows registry. You can use attached reg file to enable a new tab called "Scene capture" where you can record and play scenes!!

There are some other tabs available, but I am still searching the way to enable them

PCI Chipset Modifier - Tool

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This program will allow for the modification of a doubleword at any arbitrary device #, bus #, function # and offset in the PCI configuration space. It could be used to setup hidden BIOS settings or change PCI latency timers on any device.

Viewing Your MSN Hotmail Account From Outlook Express

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Being a 56k user I kind of got fed up of picking up web based email, because getting anything on my connection took ages. I wondered if I could pick up locally, so I set up my hotmail access details in MS Outlook Express. To my personal suprise it actually worked. Here is one of the messages I got. MSN Hotmail provides account access to Outlook Express customers as a beta service, which means support from MSN Hotmail for Outlook Express is extremely limited. To receive quick tips & more information on accessing MSN Hotmail via Outlook Express, please send a blank email to hmoex@hotmail.com. You will receive an automated reply within 5 minutes or less. I guess most people would already know about this or if possible don't bother with web based email, but I thought this tip was still worth mentioning.

IE Accelerator 2.01 - Shareware!

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IE Accelerator is a download accelerator for Microsoft Internet Explorer (shortly IE). It is designed based on the undocumented documents of Microsoft Windows. Instead of optimizing serveral keys in the registry, IE Accelerator increases the simultaneous connections of each IE windows. So the surfing and downloading speed is boosted enormously, especially when opening a website with many pictures. Visit and Download

Change The Provided By Title In MS Internet Explorer!

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Have you ever gotten fed up the title you get at the top you browser in Microsoft Internet ? the bit after the dash usually saying something like this ?Microsoft Internet Explorer power by ?.?? If the answer is yes, then maybe you would like to try out this little registry hack I have discovered. Press Read More to find out how.

Rage3D Tweak v3.2 Released!

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Rage3D Tweak is a multi-language Radeon Tweaker designed to fit right in with the other ATI option tabs in the Advanced Display Properties accessed through the Control Panel. It allows access to Registry Tweak options, Custom Display Modes, Refresh Rates, and Overclocking all through an easy to use interface. For those requiring instant access to all the tweak options, a handy icon on the task bar can be enabled for quick access to all three tweaker tabs. Comprehensive html, outline based help is available through the standard "?" icon in the display tabs and the help button. Click on Read More... for a link to see what's new and download links

TweakXP 1.32 Released!

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A new version of the Windows XP tweak and tuning utility Tweak XP has been released. Click on Read More... to see what's new and a download link

Intel 845 Tweaking + Giveaway @ Mods4me!

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The Intel 845D tweaking action can be found here. Using the usual chipset registers that you always get from us. We bring you all the memory and AGP tweaks that we can for all of you who don't have the options in your BIOS.

Removing Windows XP Services!

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Found this news @ Ray Adams NVIDIA Bios Collection and this is what they said:
Instead of just disabling all those unnecessary services in XP, why not remove them altogether? Of the 70+ services only 4 are required for a standalone machine. A typical TCP/IP dial-up networking system requires around 7 or maybe 8. Click on Read More... for a link to more information.

4P - PP's Plug-ins Package!

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Just saw this @ Entcity.com.

What is this 4P thing?

This installer package contains all the various plug-ins Peter "PP" Pawlowski programmed for Winamp v2.x. 4P currently contains 20 different plug-ins (10 input, 7 output and 3 general plug-ins) and 2 render APEs for AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio).

Free Monitor Diagnosis & Adjustment Online!

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MonitorsDirect is housing an online tool to adjust and test your CRT or LCD monitors. Featured tests include: - Focus - Convergence - Color Purity
- Geometric Distortion - Brightness & Contrast
- Ghosting and Streaking Looks quite useful to me. This web-based application can be accessed from any system and requires no special software other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Macromedia's Flash player plug-in for your web browser.

copyToXP 1.2!

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Registry tweak to enable the useful - but not installed by default - functions of XP and W2K that allow you to copy or move multiple files to any directory, and even create directories on the fly.

Nokia Monitor Test 1.0a!

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Nokia Test is a freeware utility by Nokia that will guide you through testing and adjusting any monitor for an optimum display. There are test patterns for Geometry, Convergence, Resolution, Moiré, Brightness, Contrast, Focus, Readability, Color and Screen Regulation. You put up the test pattern and then make the adjustments to your monitor.

If 3DMark 2001 SE Crashes On Advanced Pixel Shader Test...

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then you probably run it on an ATI Radeon card. The crash seems to be related to an undefined 8bit stencil buffer call in the drivers. There is hope though because you can workaround this problem via the registry...

AGP PCI Latency Utility!

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Overclockers.com have developed a AGP PCI Latency Utility that can change the clock cycles that a AGP video-card takes on motherboards with VIA chipsets!

Hit read more to see what Overclockers.com are saying.