Windows 2000 SP3 - See Mighty Fine Changes!

Published by have the latest info about what's new in Windows 2000 SP3 RC build 3.140. Looks like a worthy update when finished. Some more info:

Some changes include Windows Installer (MSI) was updated from 1.3 (SP2 level) to 2.0 rendering some installers completely useless (Trend Micro? PC-cillin 2000 are affected).

Others are a direct response to Security concerns and implementation of fixes ASAP with the addition of Automatic Updates to the Control Panel of Windows 2000. This feature was limited to Windows Millennium & Windows XP respectively but has now found its way into Windows 2000 through SP3 making this as significant as SP3 was to Windows NT 4.0 in its day. Here's a Screenshot: of the Configure Programs within Add/Remove in Windows 2000 SP3!

For a full list of what's new warp 2