VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner 1.0

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VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner detects and analyzes executable files as well as dynamic-link libraries (DLL) within a specified folder.

VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner 1.0

VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner detects and analyzes executable files as well as dynamic-link libraries (DLL) within a specified folder. This scanner identifies the architecture type, extension, and other relevant details associated with these files, providing users with valuable insights into their composition and attributes. All data detected can be exported to a report if needed.

Straightforward & User-Friendly
VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner has a user-friendly interface with all the options available in a single window and a few customization options in the main menus. To start, you must select the directory you want to scan. You can add a local folder, network, or shared location to the list. Once added, the VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner will analyze all the files inside the selected directory based on your chosen filtering options. This tool is designed to analyze executable files (EXE) and dynamic-link libraries (DLL) by default. Besides these file types, it can also gather information about SYS (system files), OCX (ActiveX controls), CPL (control panel extensions), SCR (screensavers), DRV (device drivers), EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface files), ACM (audio compression manager files), and AX (ActiveX controls).

Fast Exportable Results
As soon as you start the analysis, the table in the main window will be filled with information about the file, including its architecture type, extension, path, filename, icon, last modified date, and size in bytes. You can save a report containing all the analysis results on your computer, with or without headers. If necessary, you can exclude individual columns from the report. The report can be saved locally in HTML, TXT, CSV, and XLS/XLSX format.

While lacking some of the advanced features offered by similar analysis tools, VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner excels in providing precise insights into a file's architecture and conveniently furnishes details about its most recent modification.

VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner Features:

Comprehensive File Detection:
Identifies both EXE (executable) and DLL (dynamic-link library) files
Thorough scanning of selected folders and subfolders

Multi-Architecture Support:
64-bit executables for modern systems
32-bit executables for backward compatibility
16-bit executables from legacy applications
DOS executables for historical software
VXD files (Virtual Device Driver)
ROM images

Detailed Reporting:
Option to export results in various formats (e.g., HTML, TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX)

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VOVSOFT Executable Bit Scanner 1.0