ThemeSong for YouTube Music 1.2.1

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ThemeSong for YouTube Music is an innovative Chrome and Firefox extension/add-on that allows users to enhance their listening experience by providing them with a wide range of themes and visualizers.

ThemeSong for YouTube Music 1.2.1

ThemeSong for YouTube Music is an extension/add-on that offers various features such as dynamic themes, visualizers, a side panel mini player, lyrics, a sleep timer, notifications, and more.

With ThemeSong for YouTube Music, users can personalize their music streaming service by selecting themes ranging from simple and elegant to bold and colorful. Additionally, ThemeSong allows users to add visualizers to their playlists, which can be customized to match their music preferences. This feature creates a visually engaging experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of the music. Overall, ThemeSong is an excellent addition to YouTube Music and allows users to personalize their music streaming experience in a previously impossible way.

ThemeSong for YouTube Music lets you personalize the appearance of your YouTube Music interface as per your personal preferences and add some display movement. You can modify the interface of your YouTube Music by using the included dynamic and static themes, which can be adjusted to your liking. You may also imitate the interfaces of Apple Music and YouTube Music Mobile. Additionally, there are visualizers to enhance the experience of any tune you play.

Not only can you customize the appearance, but you can also hide certain UI elements such as the Cast, Dislike, and Video Captions buttons. You can also set a sleep timer and receive desktop notifications.

ThemeSong for Chrome is a well-designed extension/add-on that can enhance your YouTube Music listening experience, pleasing anyone who wants more from their YouTube Music.

Dynamic Themes
Apple Music
YouTube Music Mobile

Music Visualizers
Disco Ball

Lyrics Search
Open in YouTube

Pieces: UI Options and Customization
Custom Fun Icons
Hide Icons
Add Custom CSS Snippets

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ThemeSong for YouTube Music 1.2.1