Sniper Tech 2.3 Arrives!

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Today Sniper Tech version 2.3 arrives and has been completely reworked from the ground up. Features of Sniper Tech include a Hints N Tips and Search sections with the aim of making computers easier to use. This new update is the first move to creating the Sniper Tech Open Source Development Project (OSTDP) that will offer a chance for more people to get involve with computers / internet and would allow computer related websites to add a help section to their site. For a list of news features and direct link, please press the read more link.

Rename section from Sniper to Sniper Tech New Backend Page Design Standardised Page Design Replace Root Module with Management Module Customisable the colour scheme of each Section# Enhance Advertising System ( Now uses Iframes ) Added Sniper Tech Section Map Improved Navigation with section Descriptions and Logos Now Displays Version count with What New information To view Sniper Tech 2.3, please click HERE!