OPSWAT Security Score 7.7.2404.468

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OPSWAT Security Score is a lightweight, agentless application designed to help identify and direct you to fixes for your computer's security vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks.

OPSWAT Security Score 7.7.2404.468

OPSWAT Security Score is a lightweight, agentless application designed to help identify and direct you to fixes for your computer's security vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks. It leverages enterprise-grade security capabilities to deliver threat detection, remediation, and ongoing protection.

Utilizing OPSWAT's core capabilities, Security Score brings a comprehensive suite of security checks, empowering users to protect their devices against evolving cybersecurity threats proactively.

OPSWAT Security Score is an exceptional application that helps you assess your computer's cybersecurity risk. It evaluates various critical factors, such as the status of operating system updates, vulnerable applications, firewall protection, and malware prevention. Once the evaluation is complete, the application provides a comprehensive and streamlined view of your computer's current security score and suggests ways to improve it.

To get more detailed security recommendations, you can click on each factor. Additionally, OPSWAT Security Score allows you to enable automatic updates for both applications and the operating system, which can significantly enhance your security level. With this application, you can rest assured that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your computer from potential cyber threats. You can also install OPSWAT File Security for Chrome from within OPSWAT Security Score.

If you want to harden your machine's cybersecurity defenses, OPSWAT Security Score will help give you the insight to get the job done.

OPSWAT Security Score Features:

Deep Endpoint Compliance: Evaluates system configurations against pre-defined security policies, ensuring adherence to internal or regulatory compliance requirements.
Vulnerability Detection: Identifies vulnerabilities in 27,000+ CVEs and checks antivirus scans, helping to mitigate potential cyberattacks.
Operating System and 3rd Party Patch Management: Alerts users of missing OS updates and recommends automatic updates for 150+ popular third-party applications, streamlining patch deployment and minimizing risk windows.
Secure Access: Validates security configurations for firewalls, browser settings, and disk encryption to improve endpoint defenses and prevent unauthorized access.
Security Score: Security Score acts like a report card for your device, grading its overall health across key areas like outdated software, app vulnerabilities, firewall strength, and anti-malware protection. This score lets you know how well-protected your device is, provides recommendations to address weaknesses and improve the device's health score over time.
App Remover: Select and uninstall multiple unwanted applications simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Key Benefits of OPSWAT Security Score:

Proactive security: Empowers users to identify and address security weaknesses before they can be exploited.
Comprehensive assessment: Provides a holistic view of device security posture across multiple critical areas.
Actionable recommendations: Offers clear guidance on how to improve security posture.
Simple deployment: Click-to-run functionality requires no installation or registration, enabling quick deployment

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OPSWAT Security Score 7.7.2404.468