Nvidia Gets Bitch Slapped

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Thanks to G`Rilla at 3DChipset.com for the info and the links.

This is really funny and something to kick off the weekend with. Check this out. A forum user who goes by Alpha has a story board of the movie Matrix with a twist. You have got to read this thing. It's too funny! Next up is: 'When we thought we seen it all'. The PR department of VisionTek drops word of their new flash animation on their front page. I wonder who is under the paper bag? Probably Derek Perez! LOL and finally we have 'Cheating Drivers Hidden Dragon'. This one comes from the folks over Darkcrow.co.kr this one is pretty unique as well. Thought you guys who enjoy some good humor (yeah I know it's at the hands of Nvidia) would appreciate it.

The Blue card or The Red card?

VisionTek Bitch Slaps Nvidia

Cheating Drivers Hidden Dragon