New Daddy Of Heat Sinks!

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Is the new Thermalright SLK-600. Looks like the SK6's big brother. This sink makes a 60mm fan look small - it's that big. This sink is for the Socket 370/462 motherboards . Also a 80mm version is coming in June called "SLK-800". Plus a new P4 sink, 80mm also, SLK-478 coming in July. Read more for info and link. Just found a review also. The temps are looking good!

Technical Spec.: Dimension: L72 x W56.8 x H46 (mm) - Top, without fan L72 x W56.8 x H61 (mm) - with fan Weight: 430g (heat sink only) Stock Fan Maker: DELTA Model: FFB0612EHE Size: 60 x 60 x 38 (mm) Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing System Voltage: 12V Speed: 8000 rpm Air Flow: 50.15 CFM Noise Level: 54.5 dBA AMD: Athlon XP Desktop CPU Palamino 2000+ and higher Intel: P-III Coppermine 1.33 GHz and above; Celeron 1.30 GHz and above ThermalrightReview @ System