ABIT KX7-333R Overclocking Review!

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VR-Zone has done up a review on the new ABIT KX7-333R board based on the VIA KT333 chipset. Unlike AT7, KX7-333R comes with the PS/2 legacy ports, 4 DIMM, 6 PCI slots, ATA-133 RAID and Debug LEDs.

Since ABIT boards are meant for performance seekers and overclockers therefore i have checked out its overclockability in details touching on the components and the BIOS options that will aid overclocking. I have managed to push the FSB to 200Mhz at most aggressive timings and 225Mhz at SPD timings! Therefore ABIT KX7-333R has reclaimed its overclocking title from EPoX 8K3A+.

ABIT KX7-333R Overclocking Review