More information on ATI's R600 'Ruby' demo

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Elite Bastards send some words about new Ruby Demo informations.
Here´s what they saying: The only real news here (which will undoubtedly spark off all kinds of inappropriate fantasies) is that Ruby in fact has a younger sister - Jade. To tie in with the whole AMD/ATI acquisition, Jade will be dressed in green compared to Ruby's red. It appears that the plot of this demo will involve Jade being kidnapped to lure Ruby into action to save her sister. Cliched perhaps, but are you really looking forward to watching a DirectX 10 technology demo for the plot?! Sadly, there is really nothing new in the way of technical details about the demo (nor of course R600 itself), but at the moment we're grateful to grab any tidbit we can about ATI's next-generation plans. Elitebastards has more.