Microsoft Xbox Mod Chip Launched!

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Ok peeps this is for all you Xbox owners out there! Here's the news you have been waiting for.

Enigmah Xbox Modchip is launched. The RRP of this mod has been set at only $65USD / £45GBP / ?69EUR. However I'm sure that many dealers will give you excellent discounts for loyalty, bulk & special offers.

Enough of arguments and stupid rumours. This is the real deal. On sale from 27th May 2002.

Final Specs of Enigmah Xbox Modchip

Only 29 easy to solder wires
All backups of Xbox games will boot flawlessly
All import original Xbox games will boot flawlessly
Boots games from ALL release groups - not just some of them
NEW no-patch hack - boots all games without any patches
All online gaming possibilities tested with no spy issues
Compatible with CDR/CD-RW/DVDR/DVDRW (However DVD should be used for best results)
Can use ANY cheap unbranded general purpose DVDR media
Universal design that works on all models from all regions (USA/JAP/PAL)
All wiring points are VERY easy - no IC's to solder to - all presoldered pads
Modified XBE's and custom code can boot (this is a HUGE feature - as you'll all see soon)
Macrovision disabled (NO extra wires)
DVD reset enabled (Use multiple DVD playback kits for multiregion enhancement)
Enigmah will support by releasing our own software (e.g. Video Mode Selector)
Future custom software is being worked on as we speak - ALL to be released for free
Low power consumption for future stability (only 3.25 volts)
The complete mod has been optimised to the size of a fingernail
To be mounted on a professionlly design PCB with all points corresponding to the diagrams

Microsoft X-Box Mod Chip Launched