Macrium Reflect Home Edition 8.1.8110

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Macrium Reflect Home Edition allows you to easily make an accurate and reliable image of your HDD or individual partitions.

Macrium Reflect Home Edition 8.1.8110

Macrium Reflect Home Edition is an efficient and secure Windows system backup and recovery tool that allows you to easily create accurate and reliable images of your HDD or individual partitions. These images can be used to restore your entire disk, partition, or individual files and folders in case of a partial or complete system loss.

With Macrium Reflect Home Edition, you can backup and restore your files, data, and computer with smart disk imaging technology that offers advanced cloning of disks and partitions with Rapid Delta Cloning. Rapid Delta Restore ensures that your data is recovered in just a matter of minutes or even seconds.

The tool also offers flexible file and folder backup with customizable backup plans, and the ability to mount backup images in Explorer for easy item-level recovery. Additionally, you can safely validate and manage backups with virtualization, making it a reliable and efficient backup and recovery solution.

Macrium Reflect Home Edition Backup & Restore Features:

File Backup

Create a single backup file of one or more folders on your hard disk
Incremental and Differential backups.
Include and exclude filter ensures that you only backup relevant files.
Browse the backup file as a virtual FAT32 hard drive in Windows Explorer.
Files in use by Windows (such as Outlook .pst files) are backed up even when locked!
Multiple compression levels.
Backup files can be saved to local or network drives or optical storage (CD, DVD)
Optionally exclude system and hidden files.
Supports Incremental and Differential backups.
Password protect backups to prevent unauthorized access.
Restore specific files or the entire backup.
Restore to any location.

Disk Imaging

Create a single backup file of a complete hard disk
Create a single backup file of one or many partitions
Incremental and differential images
Restore a partition to a different type. i.e., a logical partition can be restored as a bootable primary partition
Resize the restored partition. A hard disk upgrade can easily be performed by increasing the partition to fill the new disk.
Track 0 (The Master Boot Record) is saved with all backups.
Backup files can be saved to local or network drives or optical storage (CD, DVD).
Disk image can be created whilst Windows is in use. A special driver ensures that the disk image represents an exact point in time and will not be affected by disk access that may occur during the backup process.
Verify images. Images (Backup files) can be separately verified or automatically verified before restoration.
System files such as 'pagefile.sys' and 'hiberfil.sys' are not included in the image. This reduces the final backup file size.
Three compression levels can be selected to optimize file size and speed.
Password-protect images to prevent unauthorized access.
AES 256-bit encryption for ultimate security.
Set image filenames automatically.
Linux based rescue CD
Bart PE rescue CD plug-in
Windows PE 2.1 rescue CD with Windows boot menu.
Save your backup definitions as XML files and execute them with a single click from your desktop.
Includes VBScript integration and a VBScript generator for unparalleled control of the backup process.

Scheduling Features

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly.
Unattended completion.
Automatic incremental/differential images.
Automatic disk space management for local/remote hard drives.
Full logging of all backup operations. HTML log reports are generated and can be viewed using Reflect's built-in browser.

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Macrium Reflect Home Edition 8.1.8110