Gnucleus Updated!

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The popular Gnutella client Gnucleus has been updated, upping the version number to Read on for more details and the change log.

Gnucleus is the oldest Gnutella client still currently under developement. Just like its counterparts LimeWire and BearShare, Glucleus supports multi-source downloading and the implementation of super-peers. This Gnutella client distinguishes itself by being free of any adware, spyware or any other hidden software. Gnucleus is easy to use, connects at lightning speed to the Gnutella net, and due to its open source nature, we can count on this client to be an important part of the P2P community for a long time to come. There's nothing difficult about Gnucleus. It's quite possibly the easiest P2P application available, while at the same time produces plentiful results. The latest releases include file hashing, which will allow for more efficient multi-source downloading and super-peer compatibility with LimeWire and BearShare. What's new? Entirely new and rewritten supernode (ultrapeer) system
Ultrapeer specs standardized and compatible with LimeWire and BearShare
Shared files searched through on a lookup table, incredibly fast
Download status indicated in search window PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion versions of GWebCache now available
GIrcCache system recognizes ultrapeers now
Fixed selected files in search window from changing
Fixed right-click extended info bug
Fixed bug in pong-caching
Download v1.7.5 here (Gnucleus will automatically download the latest version and update itself). Visit the homepage here.