FolderViewer 5.15

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FolderViewer is a full-service Windows Explorer replacement.

FolderViewer is a full-service Windows Explorer replacement.You will enjoy the dual pane layout that incorporates and extends many familiar features like the ability to quickly browse through folder content, manage and organize Microsoft Office documents, photos, media files and more. It seamlessly integrates with Internet Explorer allowing access to a text editor, media player, image viewer, single Music Library Database for printing and searching lyrics. The layout of FolderViewer lends itself to efficient file and folder management but has enough extras and quick access tools to appeal to even the most demanding of workloads.Another nice feature available is System Tools; from this tab, you can access many essential system utilities like quick access to Windows Tools, Control Panel, Command Prompt and PowerShell ISE. You can also access User Account management for fast changes to Home Group settings/users, stored usernames, and passwords, etc.FolderViewer also offers network tools for IP monitoring or WhoIS queries and everything is presented via tabs as well as a convenient, customizable quick access toolbar making it an efficient option for maximum productivity.