DUDE (DUplicates DEtector) 1.0374.452

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DUDE (Duplicates Detector) helps you quickly identify and eliminate duplicate files within a designated folder.

DUDE (DUplicates DEtector) 1.0374.452

Efficient file management requires identifying duplicate files, although it may not be the most stimulating task. Fortunately, there are apps like DUDE (Duplicates Detector) available that can automatically detect duplicates.

The most efficient way to scan for duplicate files is by using file hash. Dude (DUplicates DEtector) is a practical and straightforward utility that enables users to identify those files on their drive and remove them instantly. Moreover, the program is portable, which eliminates the need for installation procedures.

Using DUDE (Duplicates Detector) is straightforward; choose the target folder to search and hit scan. You can exclude items from the scan using expressions and log skipped files as well as the biggest files order depending on your search parameters. Once the scan has been completed, you are given a list on a second screen. It displays details like subpath, file, size, number of copies, and change time. Any matching duplicates can be marked by hitting the space bar on that entry. To eliminate it, hit the delete key, and it will confirm your selection before deleting.

An able 64-Bit choice for finding and deleting duplicate files through a relatively uncomplicated app. The fact it is free, Open Source, and portable doesn't hurt either.

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DUDE (DUplicates DEtector) 1.0374.452