cladDVD XP 2.98 Beta

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CladDVD XP is a 'DVD Ripper', meaning it decrypts the encrypted VOB files off the DVD and saves them to your hard drive. The files can be ripped in a standard way preserving the original content along with the IFO, useful when you use or need to use a 3rd party application to process the VOB files. CladDVD XP also allows you to rip using 'IFO Parsing' which will allow you to select certain ProGram Chains like the main movie or a certain version of the movie, this is definately the recommended option, you can also rip extra features apart from the main movie. CloneAD's CladDVD XP is a DVD ripper for Windows XP, works on all DVD's from any region and is completely FREE.

Download cladDVD XP 2.98 Beta