AnyTXT Searcher 1.3.1361

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AnyTXT Searcher is a search utility that is designed to help expedite performing targeted searches inside of documents.

AnyTXT Searcher 1.3.1361

AnyTXT Searcher is a search utility designed to help expedite performing targeted searches inside documents.

It is a straightforward but powerful local data full-text search engine that can be utilized as a desktop search application, enabling you to find a specific file rapidly. AnyTXT Searcher will come in handy when you need to find a particular file and search by name has failed, for instance. It has a powerful built-in document parsing engine that extracts the text of commonly used documents without any dependencies. It also combines a built-in high-speed indexing system to store the text's metadata.

AnyTXT Searcher's UI is simple, only providing you with what is needed to find any text existing on your computer quickly, enter your search parameters, and hit go. You can mouse over a result and view a preview of the matched keyword without the need to open it. It does offer a few different search options to refine your search, like Fuzzy Match, Whole Match, File Type, etc., and operates relatively fast.

Supported Formats:

Plain Text Format (TXT, CPP, HTML, etc.)
Microsoft Outlook (EML)
Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX)
Microsoft Excel (XLS, )
Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
Portable Document Format (PDF) (beta)
eBook Formats(MOBI, EPUB, etc.)

AnyTXT Searcher Features:

SupportsMicrosoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT)
SupportsMicrosoft Office 2007 (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOCM, XLSM)
Supports eBook (MOBI, EPUB, CHM, FB2)
Supports Non-English documents
Full-Text Search
Automatic Sync Index
SSD Optimization
Multi-language support
AES256 Encryption
Fast Index
Fast Search

Enable or Disable Enhanced Mode for Windows Search
How to Copy the Path of a File or a Folder to the Clipboard

AnyTXT Searcher 1.3.1361