AMD CodeAnalyst Release 1.2!

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CodeAnalyst is a software tool designed to assist software developers in optimizing their software for AMD processors. CodeAnalyst 1.2 provides three main methods for analyzing software: Timer-Based Profiling, Pipeline Analysis, and Performance Monitoring.

What's New

Timer-Based Profiling
Locates the hotspots in the code.
Profiles at the granularity of 1 ms [previously 3 ms]
Note: MP (Multiprocessing) systems are not yet supported.
Pipeline Analysis
Uses a simulation to provide detailed
information that can help developers tune their code, particularly assembly code.
Pipeline Column in the Cycle View [new for 1.2] S
hows the pipeline stages the instructions go through in an intuitive graphical way.
Pipeline Dependencies can be highlighted.
Pipeline Analysis for JIT (Just-In-Time) Code [new for 1.2]
Handles instructions that are generated shortly before they are executed.

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