Forceware 266.77 Drivers

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The Guru of 3D posted new Forceware 266.77 drivers for Windows Vista and 7. Use them at your own risk....

NGOHQ Responses to Nvidia's Legal Threat

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Our local law permits us to distribute copyright software as long it?s intended for private/educational purposes and no-commercialism is involved. The software available in is being offered to the public free of charges. We are not charging money for the files or bandwidth, and no commercialism is involved with the distribution. The software available here is intended for home users and their private use. Therefore, the site fully complies with the local law.

Nvidia threatens NGOHQ over ForceWare Distribution

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We understand that you are distributing or facilitating the unauthorized distribution of NVIDIA?s drivers for its GPU and/or MCP products. We are writing to remind you that these drivers constitute intellectual property (?IP?), including copyrights, of NVIDIA. As the exclusive owner of this IP, under Section 106 of the Copyright Act, NVIDIA alone has the right to authorize distribution.

RivaTuner v2.02

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RivaTuner is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. The widest driver-level Direct3D / OpenGL and system tuning options, flexible profiling system allowing to make custom settings on per-application basis, both driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, unique diagnostic and real-time hardware monitoring features and exclusive power user oriented tools like built-in registry editor.

NVIDIA ForceWare 160.04 WHQL (x32/x64)

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A new ForceWare driver for Windows Vista has been leaked to the web. The credit goes to Station-Drivers for the discovery. This driver is available in both x32/x64 forms, it also includes WHQL certification and support for the GeForce 6-8 families. Despite the WHQL certification, since this driver came from an 'unofficial source', consider it as a beta ? and use it at your own risk. Don?t blame us if your computer explodes to small pieces/nuclear chain reaction/Anthrax attack. This is an unofficial beta driver and use it with extreme caution.

NVIDIA ForceWare 158.45 for Vista (x32/x64)

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Nvidia has released a new beta ForceWare Vista driver for their GeForce 8000 family. This driver offers improved performance for DirectX 10 version of Company of Heroes. The main purpose for this driver is to boost G80's performance in DirectX 10 games. This driver is available for both Windows Vista x86 and x64.

nVidia ForceWare 158.42 for Vista (x32/x64)

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Nvidia has released a new beta ForceWare Vista driver for their GeForce 8800 series. This driver adds DirectX 10 SLI support and some 3D performance improvements. The main purpose for this driver is to boost G80 performance at DirectX 10 benchmarks. This driver is available for both Windows Vista x86 and x64.

Nvidia's Presentation Revealed

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For the architectural part our own Charlie "Open Sauce ATI Drivers, AMD" Demerjian, while the guttery part of testing R600 boards on AMD and Intel processors with no less than five motherboards fell into my hands. But, before we get to that, we're presenting you with a couple of screenshots from the FUD doc that was spread around selected media. Since we did not receive the presentation from Graphzilla, we feel no obligation not to post information contained in this document.

The Inquirer has more.

nVidia ForceWare 160.03

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A new ForceWare driver has been leaked to the web anonymously. The driver?s date is 27/04/2007 and it?s available only in one form for Windows 2000/XP/2003. This driver includes Multi-language files and support for the GeForce 5-8 families. However, since this driver came from an unofficial source, consider it as super-beta and use it at your own risk! Don?t blame us if something bad happens.

Nvidia Trades Technology with Intel

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Nvidia plans to release some of its graphics processor unit (GPU) technology to Intel in exchange for cooperation with the chip giant, according to sources at motherboard makers. Nvidia has had discussions with Intel and has already reached several agreements for cooperation, noted the sources, adding that details of the agreements remain unknown.

DigiTimes has more.

nVidia ForceWare 158.22 & 158.24 for GeForce 8

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Nvidia is working diligently to make sure we achieve and maintain the level of driver quality and reliability that NVIDIA is known for. Over the coming weeks NVIDIA and our partners, along with the industry, will continue to update Windows Vista drivers to ensure maximum performance on 3D applications and add feature support

Nvidia Launches GeForce 8800 Ultra

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Today NVIDIA Corporation introduced the world's fastest graphics processing unit (GPU), the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra. The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra performs an average of between 10 and 15% faster than the GeForce 8800 GTX GPU, previously considered the fastest GPU on the planet, across a wide range of top games and applications. Consumers will be able to experience high-resolution, visually rich gaming and high-definition video playback with support for Blu-ray and HD DVD content. Reviews:

NVIDIA nTune v5.05.38.00

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NVIDIA nTune is the ultimate utility for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components, including temperature and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels. Overclock your system for highest performance or underclock it for near silent operation. All changes are performed within the Microsoft Windows interface enabling full functionality without the need to make changes in the BIOS and reboot your system.

nForce 650i Ultra Chipset Review @ HotHardware

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SLI still does add cost to a platform, and while that cost is shrinking, there is still a market out there that would rather save a few dollars than have an additional PCI Express X16 sized graphics card slot and SLI functionality. Thus, Nvidia is finally delivering an nForce 600-series platform sans SLI, called the nForce 650i Ultra. The nForce 650i Ultra is targeting cost conscious gamers and will be competing against Intel's popular 965-series platforms.

Another Class Action Against Nvidia Site Appears

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This website gathers information to determine the viability for a class action lawsuit against nVidia (and some of its manufacturing partners) for problems involving "Vista Ready Certified" products on the Microsoft Vista operating system.We beilive that nVidia and its manufacturing partners defrauded us. Therefore, we are proactively gathering information from victims around the world who have suffered similar harms, and who we believe have also been defrauded.

nVidia ForceWare 101.09 WHQL

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French site Station-Drivers have managed to put their hands on ForceWare 101.09 WHQL. This driver is available for both Windows XP (x32/x64) and Windows Vista (x32/x64). Since this driver never came officialy directly from Nvidia, consider it as a beta, and use it by your own risk.

NVIDIA cuts support for nForce 2 motherboards

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Some sour news for owners of nForce 2 based PCs. It appears NVIDIA has no intent to further support the once dominating much loved chipset. You wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt for Vista taking over the reigns next year, but without some fresh fully functional drivers for the OS you'll be in a bit of trouble.


Nvidia to Invade Processor Market?

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Here at Computex we have the privilege of meeting a lot of companies? employees ranging from CEO`s all the way down to Customer Service. We were very fortunate to speak with someone from Nvidia at a restaurant. We can not say who this person is, or what position this person holds. According to Him/Her, Nvidia will invade the processor market in the long future, telling us that it could take years but eventually - it will happen.

GeForce 7800GT Voltage BIOS Softmod

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Not everybody knows how to perform a voltage mod. Today we?re giving 7800GT users a small gift - this universal 7800GT BIOS image contains a small voltage mod of 0.1v in 3D mode, meaning you will be able to overclock your 7800GT even higher.

NVIDIA to Demonstrate Next-Generation NVIDIA

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NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today announced the Company will be conducting technology demonstrations this week of its new family of NVIDIA nForce family media and communications processor (MCP) which will be available mid-2006. Nvidia Press Release

NVIDIA Cuts TCP Offloads to End Data Corruption

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Since the nForce4's release, the chipset's ActiveArmor networking capabilities have struggled to live up to their promised potential for reducing CPU utilization by handling TCP checksumming in hardware rather than on the host CPU. Over time, we've watched ActiveArmor's CPU utilization oscillate between impressively low and alarmingly high. Every new driver release seemed to change ActiveArmor's CPU utilization, and to make matters worse, many found that using ActiveArmor at all could lead to data corruption or instability.

The TechReport

PureVideo 2006 Demo Video

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NVIDIA PureVideo technology delivers advanced video features to the PC, including high-definition video, superb picture clarity, and full-resolution video enhancement. Get a taste of this powerful technology in this high-definition video.


NVIDIA Jan'06 Updates

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Just yesterday, we had a conference call with Ujesh Desai, NVIDIA's General Manager of GPU. He wanted to give us some updates on NVIDIA's latest GPU developments as well as some glimpses of what NVIDIA has in store for us in 2006.

Adrian's Rojak Pot

Quake 4 1.05 Beta Performance Issue Details

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If you checked out our world exclusive benchmarks of the new Quake 4 1.05 with dual core and multi CPU performance enhancements you found that we had none. Well turns out there is an issue causing this, and our results are correct.


NVIDIA Product Roadmap Update

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Late last week, we had two exclusive insider reports in regards to NVIDIA?s upcoming product strategies. These included the company?s decision to phase out its 7800GTX 512MB early next year and launching the 7800GS in AGP flavor to cover the missing market.

AEG and NVIDIA's 'outreach programme' - What's it all about?

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After some interesting discussion across a couple of forums this past couple of days, coupled with the desire to put into the public domain the information I'd received during the course of the week, I've taken some time out to look at the relationship between marketing firm AEG and graphics giant NVIDIA, in particular their so-called 'outreach programme' and what it really entails.


nVidia's not so ''Unified'' Driver Support

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This news is six months old but for various reasons is still not widely known. nVidia dropped "Unified" driver support in Windows XP/2000 for certain GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), starting with driver v77.72. This is not the first time they have done this with their "Unified" driver architecture but it is significant in its disparity. The irony is the lack of "Unification".

nVidia BIOS Modifier v3.1

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nVidia BIOS Modifier has been updated to version v3.0 ! This tool must be used by ADVANCED users ONLY! This tool works correctly with BIOSes of 6x00 / 7x00 series cards ONLY (including QUADRO series, built on NV4x and higher) !!! BIOSes of 5x00 and older aren?t supported.

78.03 beta Forceware address shimmering in the drivers

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The Problem: Shimmering is a problem that can occur between mipmap transisitions on various hardware within the G70 series. Prior on the Geforce 6 series you could set the LoD clamp and turn on High Quality and shimmering would be removed. However it turns out that these fixes did not provide adequate results on Geforce 7 hardware.