If ATI Won a Round, Would Anyone Notice?

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It would probably come as no surprise to even the most casual PC hardware enthusiast that NVIDIA has been dominating the high end graphics card market for going on two years now. What was the years-running battle of ATI and NVIDIA, each leapfrogging the other with a faster card every six months, seems to be a thing of the past. The R600, ATI?s long awaited DirectX10 card, was ATI?s last hope for remaining an option on the high-end enthusiast?s shopping list.

DailyTech has more.

DirectX 10 Benchmark Fiasco

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And some, if not all, of the employees at AMD and NVIDIA agree and that is why programs like NVIDIA?s "The Way It?s Meant to be Played" and AMD?s "Get in the Game" exist at all. But are they actually doing gamers any good or does this service often find itself becoming a weapon towards the opposing corporation? In the past weeks some events have unfolded both behind the scenes and in the public eye of the enthusiasts that have brought with them a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I?ll attempt to give you my thoughts on what these programs are actually doing to our community.

ATI Radeon HD 2900XT Review

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After a long period of time since Nvidia first presented the G80 chip, ATi strikes back with an answer. Yes, it's about the graphics card with the already-infamous chip codenamed R600. There were incredibly many predictions about it, but the greatest part of it turned out to be pure speculation. Although the card itself was available to the press a long time ago, the NDA had lasted until May 14th, the day that was marked by a massive onslaught of people rushing to the few sites that had their reviews uploaded the same day.

nVidia Human Head Realtime Techdemo released

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Nvidia 0released an amazing techdemo that represents the FX Quality of modern graphics boards. For this demo about 40,000,000 pixels per image (that are about 1,2 Billions of pixels every second) have to be processed by the GPU. You need Windows XP with at least 512 MB RAM, and ForceWare 97.44 or better. By the way - the head belongs to Doug Jones from "Hellboy". Just warp to nVidia Human Head Techdemo Download

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 15.4 for Vista

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This file is written specifically for the Intel G965, Q965, Q963, 946GZ, 945G, and 945GZ Express desktop chipsets and the 945GT, 945GM, 945GMS, and 940GML Express mobile chipsets, and will not function with any other product. View the readme file for installation information and the release notes for driver version details.

What Direct3D 10 Is All About

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Today's launch of the Nvidia GeForce 8 series marks the advent of next-generation graphics. What can we expect from graphics makers with respect to DirectX 10 hardware?

Transparency Anti-Aliasing on the GeForce 6 Series Investigated

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The introduction of Transparency anti-aliasing support, previously only available on GeForce 7 series parts, to older GeForce 6 series boards in NVIDIA's latest driver release didn't get quite the attention that it perhaps deserved. Elite Bastards take a look at the performance and image quality of Transparency anti-aliasing on GeForce 6 parts.

Image Quality Showdown: ATI vs NVIDIA August '06

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In this article, Brandon and Jakub take a closer look at the visuals produced by ATI and NVIDIA's latest graphics cards. Not only do we compare baseline AA image quality, but we're also going to compare ATI's adaptive AA with NVIDIA's transparency AA to see how well they live up to the hype.

Effects Physics & Gameplay Physics Explored

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Confused about effects physics vs. gameplay physics? We have asked ATI, NVIDIA, Havok, and Ageia about the two. We received in-depth responses providing great detail regarding effects and gameplay physics, what they mean for gameplay, and current hardware physics abilities.


HDR+AA In Action with ATI's Radeon X1800/X1900s

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One feature ATI's latest Radeon X1K cards have touted for some time is their ability to support HDR lighting with AA for improved visuals, but up to this point there's been little info out there about the topic.

ATI on the Possibilities of DirectX 10

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Some time ago now ATI held a briefing in London regarding the next-generation of DirectX, and the companies plans to support it. Today, Elite Bastards examine the information that was handed out during that briefing, as well as taking a broader look at both DirectX 10, and the WDDM model for graphics drivers that will be introduced in Windows Vista.

Ageia's PhysX physics Processing Unit @ TechReport

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I've had the chance to spend a few days playing with a PhysX card from Ageia, and there is much to tell, though not much one can do with the hardware just yet. I did find some interesting ways to test the PhysX card, and the results may enlighten us about the prospects for physics acceleration in custom hardware. Read on to get my take on Ageia's new physics processing unit.

Professional Graphics Accelerators: ATI vs. Nvidia

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Today we are going to talk about those graphics cards that are intended not for gaming needs, but for serious work. We managed to get our hands on a few new solutions from Nvidia and ATI from the Quadro and FireGL series. Let?s find out what innovation shave they prepared for professionals working in 3D modeling applications and CAD software.

X-bit labs

Physics on Display in Havok, Ageia Catfight

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Earlier this week, in anticipation of the first real review of Ageia's PhysX card beginning to show up, the folks at rival physics software company Havok sent out a juicy e-mail to the press, including us, talking down Ageia's solution. Havok, you may recall, is working with graphics companies like NVIDIA and ATI on a product called Havok FX that will accelerate in-game physics using a GPU.

Intel?s New Graphics Core to Support DirectX 10 Features

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Meanwhile ATI Technologies and Nvidia Corp., both leading suppliers of standalone graphics processors, are doing their best to introduce high-performance graphics processing units that are compliant with DirectX 10 next-generation application programming interface, Intel Corp.X-Bit Labs

Looking Past the Present

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Undoubtedly, gamers are the primary market for 3D graphics consumer cards. As with any other product, the faster the performance, the higher the price you must pay. Look at high end graphics cards such as ATI's Radeon X1900XTX and NVIDIA's GeForce 7900GTX - these cards are selling at about USD 450 to 600. Having finished the reviews of both cards, we find ourselves asking the question: how will these cards cope with newer games. NVIDIA seems more than happy to 'fix' everything with a driver update (Battlefield 2, Oblivion, Tomb Raider: Legend), much to the anguish of users. Users with ATI cards is somewhat better off - new games usually work right of the bat without any major (graphical) issues.

Transparency & Adaptive AA Explained

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TMS AA, TSS AA, PA AA, QA AA... is transparency anti-aliasing getting you a bit confused? We're here to give you the low down on just what all the acronyms mean, with lots of clear words and illustrative pictures.


NVIDIA physics-on-GPU Movies

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Nvidia will this week was showing in-game physics code calculations being run on a graphics processor, the first time this has been done in public, the company claimed today. We have two exclusive small movies available which will show this in action.

Smooth Gaming with Triple Buffering using DXTweaker

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Here is a contributed article from member CrazyRhino. He talks about enabling triple buffer for smoother gaming in this article.

With triple buffering enabled, now we have 3 buffers and the graphics hardware can start rendering into the 3rd buffer without having to wait for the front buffer gets swapped out.

Bases series part 1: the functional method of the GPU @ 3DChip

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Hello readers and reader, welcome to our new bases series to the subject of graphic cards. Did you not ask you already often how a GPU is constructed and calculates like it of pictures? Did you or want to know already always once how AntiAliasing function or various texture filters? In our bases series to the subject of graphic cards, we will try to explain you all that in simple and intelligible type and manner. In the first part of our series, it concerns the functional method of the GPU.

Is 3DMark Really the ?Gamers Benchmark? ?

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3DMark uses various game tests which help to decide your score, and all of these game tests are based on the DirectX9 platform. The question remaining on the silent majority?s lips is ?Where are the OpenGL game tests?? In response Futuremark have claimed that OpenGL is not deemed popular enough to warrant incorporation into the program. Is that really so?

ATI Super AA vs. NVIDIA SLI Anti-Aliasing

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Curious to see how ATI's new Super AA modes compare to NVIDIA's SLI Anti-Aliasing? If so, you may want to check out today's article. We've paired NVIDIA's latest GeForce 7800 GTX 256MB and 512MB cards against ATI's CrossFire X1800 XT.

Half Life 2 on Xbox screens

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The first official screens of Half Life 2 on the Xbox have emerged. We take a quick look at what appear to be the obvious differences from the PC version, as we gear up for a week of exclusive Half Life 2 new content!


XTreme-G 78.03-HD Released!

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The XTreme-G version of nVidia's Forceware 78.03 has been released by TweaksRUs.com

They are also looking for new BetaTesters! See the article for the XTreme-G 78.03-HD drivers for details.

NVIDIA Physics Only Graphics Card

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According to Moghul, the Nvidia people announced that the new Unreal Tournament 2007 and Gears of War will both be using the Novodex physics engine (that?s Swiss) and not Havok.


OGL's future in PC games

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The release of Windows Vista, codename "Longhorn", Beta 1 to testers and the reports that DirectX 10 will indeed ship with that operating system has sparked some discussion on the viability of OpenGL as a games' API for the Windows platform.

The Future of Windows' Graphics Technology

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Longhorn completely reshapes the way Windows handles graphics. DirectX will become an integral part of the operating system, opening up a wealth of 3D technology to any applications. We look under the hood to see how it all fits together.


Doom3 auf der 3dfx Voodoo2 SLI

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Nun mehr 6 Jahre gibt es die Voodoo2. Aber warum sie aus dem Rechner schmeißen, wenn sie selbst Doom3, einen der 3D-Shooter 2004, flüssig darstellen kann?
Viele denken 'Ohne Beweise glaube ich das nicht!', aber diese sollten jetzt genau aufpassen. Auf VoodooAlert findet ihr die Links zu dem Patch, sowie einer .dll-Datei, welche eventuell benötigt wird. Außerdem gibt es zwei Screenshots, was nun wirklich Beweise genug sein sollten. Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2

another nVidia 'optimization'?

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There is a new high score in the 3dm2k3 hall of fame of 19,167 which is pretty impressive, until you find out the following:
Gokickrocks wrote:

its not a bug, its a cheat...nvidia added an "option" to "null PS" in their drivers Basically nVidia has added an option to their control panel that will render garbage for an output, but will score unusually well on benchmarks.

This news is still developing, you can read the story at Elite Bastards.

More Computex 2004 pics

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VolariGamers has posted some pictures from Computex 2004.

Naturally, the main highlights of the show were the full HDTV support of the Volari series as well as the PCI Express solutions.
It seems XGI's HDTV solutions have impressed quite a number of people, here's a quote from T-Break: "We were impressed with their HDTV output over a TV-Out connection which made text very readable."

ATI's All in Wonder 9600XT reviewed at Tweaknews.net

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Nathan Glentworth at tweaknews.net has reviewed the ATI VGA swissknife All in Wonder 9600XT. From Tweaknews.net :-
"The All in Wonder 9600XT brings a cost effective alternative to dropping another US$100 to buy the next highest readily available version which is the AIW 9800pro. You can't ignore the fact that this card brings an unbelievable amount of potential to an everyday computer. Instead of just using your computer to surf the web, game and catch up on your work, you can transform that ordinary work box into a complete multimedia center complete with countless audio/video inputs and outputs, a television, a FM radio and lets not forget a very capable gamer" For Full read warp2.. Tweaknews.net/

nVIDIA's confidential document

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Quote :
nVIDIA is planning to increase the transistor but decrease in the size of the processor. They are planning to make a 90 mm Processor this year and a 65mm processor in 2 years

World of WarCraft US-Beta LEAK

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Seit einigen Tagen soll die US-Beta zum kommenden MMORPG World of WarCraft von Blizzard nun auch für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich sein. Wie üblich illegal...
Genau wie die zuvor geleakte Alpha soll die Größe ca. 2 GB betragen. Weitere Informationen gibt es bisher noch nicht. Falls weitere Neuigkeiten auftauchen werden sie natürlich sofort gepostet. Kommentare bezüglich des Downloads der Beta werden kommentarlos gelöscht.

Futuremark kündigt neuen Benchmark an

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Futuremark hat einen neuen Teil der 3DMark-Reihe angekündigt. Wann der 3DMark2004 rauskommt steht jetzt noch nicht fest, aber vielleicht fällt der Erscheinungstermin mit der Vorstellung der neuen Grafikkartengeneration von ATI und NVIDIA zusammen. Quelle: GameStar

GeForce FX 5800 -> FX 5800 Ultra BIOS-Mod

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Nach dem FX 5900 -> FX 5950 Ultra Mod Gibt es nun das Gegenstück für die etwas ältere FX 5800. Genauso wie beim 5900-Mod gibt man der GPU und dem RAM etwas mehr Spannung, damit die höheren Takte erreicht werden können.
Vor dem Mod war 480/950 MHz das höchste OC-Ergebnis. Nach dem Mod wurden 530/1050 MHz erzielt (Dieses Ergebnis spiegelt natürlich nur diese eine Karte und nicht alle FX 5800 wieder).
Für jeden der seine FX 5800 einer kleinen Verjüngungskur unterziehen oder der, der ein Schnäpchen (AOpen FX5800 für ca. 150?) schlagen will ist dies genau der richtige Guide. Klickt auf 'mehr', um den Haken und die Links zu sehen.

3dfx-Treiber-/BIOS-Support stirbt 2004 nicht aus

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Die deutsche Seite x3dfxgamers hat ihre Roadmap für dieses Jahr online gestellt. Es werden neue Treiber und BIOS für 3dfx-Karten angekündigt. Nach mehr als 3 Jahren werden somit immer neuere und bessere Treiber/BIOS programmiert, damit man auch mit einer Voodoo-Grafikkarte im PC auch noch die neusten Spiele zocken kann. Die Roadmap findet ihr hier: Link
Um immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand zu bleiben schaut im Forum oder auf der Homepage vorbei.

3dfx-Karten zu kaufen @ x3dfxgamers

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Die deutsche Seite x3dfxgamers hat einen Shop eröffnet, wo man Retail-/Bulk-Karten von dem seit mehr als 3 Jahren toten Hersteller 3dfx beziehen kann. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Verkauf von Privat an Privat (Vgl. eBay).
x3dfxgamers, welche von Zeit zu Zeit immer neuere und bessere 3dfx-Treiber und BIOS rausbringen, haben somit etwas einzigartiges geschafft. Welche Community hält nach mehr als 3 Jahren noch der Firma, die den ersten 3D-Chip auf den Markt brachte, die Treue? Ein bemerkenswerter Schritt und auf jeden Fall einen Klick wert, für den der sich auch nur etwas mit dem Thema '3dfx' beschäftigt hat. Klickt auf 'mehr' um nähere Informationen und die Links zu bekommen.

ATi reports record revenues

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ATi have just posted their financial results for the quarter just gone, and it spells good news for the Canadian company. You can read the basics of how ATi have fared here: EliteBastards

Alternately, view the entire PDF file documenting their results from ATi themselves here: ATi.com