Switching from Windows XP SP3 to Vista SP1?

Paying $200.00 + for a vid card with no waranty?.

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Using Windows XP SP3 with all required Updates. File System: FAT32.
When switching or upgrading from the DVD/CD version Windows Vista SP1 :
First thing required is to change the File System... from FAT32 to NTFS.
Is it worth to do so...
and would anyone like to change to a new version of windows.
Say, you qualifies all the requirements for it and find fit to do so?
Nice to hear the comments and experience of others who have switch their OS...

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upgrading to NTFS is a very good thing
I would highly recommend doing that anyway

for example: do you know those "scanning hard disk for errors after a system crash?" ... with NTFS they are gone

as for vista ... I have never tried Vista myself, but I have seen it on friends machines and there are a lot of features that I do not like. I am not going to upgrade to vista this year ... maybe next year ... depends on how much I needs DirectX10 support AND how much EAX and Dolby/DTS support will exists by then ... I am not willing to miss EAX and SPDIF support ... until this is fixed vista is a no-go anyway

but thats just my opinion


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i switched to Vista 64Bit....but only for DX10 and my 4GB RAM

but now i donĀ“t really want to go back to XP even with all the small probs i have with Vista (esp. digital signed driver shi.... etc)