XL-Parser 1.1.1

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XL-Parser is a tool for data extraction and analysis of directories, files and weblog analysis geared towards investigators, IT analysts and researchers but suitable for anyone.

XL-Parser is a tool for data extraction and analysis of directories, files or the clipboard and weblog analysis features including a tool for detection of suspicious activities.During your first run, there's quite a bit of configuring (directories) and possible downloading to do. Overall, considering the many features of XL-Parser, it's well laid out. You'll want to work from the top starting with selecting if you 're going to open a directory, file, folder or the clipboard. You can also choose from file filters and formats. Your filters require that you create at least one, which can then be exported and imported later.Working your way down, you also need to add at least one "expression" for files, databases, clipboard, and directories. Where required, you can specify Regex shortcuts. Special objects are supported as well for web analysis including IPv4 and 6 addresses, URLs, emails, hostnames, domain addresses, MAC addresses, and credit cards.Finally (phew) web log analysis and splitting of logs are available, each with numerous settings. Documentation is available on the homepage and as a link inside the program.By now you probably see how this works. It starts out simple, but you will find each section has multiple layers you must go through to get the information you need, but it's well worth it. It's such a unique program that we had trouble fitting into one of our categories.