Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Info!

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Look what's posted on the Epic Messageboards by Mark Rein! :D

1) What build version of UT2003 was being displayed at E3?

The latest one compiled just before E3. This was the first build I saw with a working Ion Cannon which is a ton of fun to use! What we showed on the show floor is essentially what we think the demo will be which consists of two DM maps (Antalus and Curse3), one Double Domination map (Suntemple), one CTF map (Chrome) and one Bombing Run map (Endagra). But, be warned, this could change. I don't believe there are any plans for a single player campaign for the demo.

2) What features were missing from the E3 build that will be added to the demo release?

The major ones I can think of would be the final server browser and stats tracking.

3) Approx how long has been allocated for feedback from the demo before finalising the retail code?

There is no particular amount of time being allocated for this. The response we get will determine how much needs to be done and whether or not we need to release another version of the demo before going final or not.

4) Are there any plans to release the server code to admins in advance of the demo release so that there will be some decent servers available to play on ?

No, not that I'm aware of. Once the demo is ready, it's ready and we don't want to be holding it back. I suspect it will take us a few more days after the Windows release to get the Linux server released.

Here's the thread @ Epic Messageboards by Mark Rein