Tweak-XP 1.33 Released!

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Tweak-XP bundles more than 22 different utilities in one: it was developed to combine both tweaking and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows® XP system. All settings can be done without having any former knowledge, since Tweak-XP informs the user in detail about each option.

What's New?

New: transparent taskbar is now working separately - Tweak-XP has NOT to be running in order to make the taskbar transparent

Ameritech modem tweaks added

Improved performance of the 'transparent taskbar' feature

A lot of changes to the Windows tweaks section (internal changes, better performance)

Some changes to the language module of Tweak-XP

Updated language and help files

A couple of cosmetical changes

Download Tweak-XP 1.33