Thermaltake S500 TG Review

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TechPowerUp posted a review on the Thermaltake S500 TG

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The Thermaltake A500 chassis with its aluminium panels and potent liquid-cooling options has become a popular choice with the enthusiast crowd. However, with a fairly high price tag of around $250, it is certainly not an option for a large crowd. Thermaltake has done a great job of taking the look and feel of the A500 along with its core functionality and making it available at a much more attainable price point when designing the S500 TG. Gone is the second glass panel and some visual elements, like the hinges and elaborately shaped glass panel. In addition to this, the interior frame is different but essentially just as functional. Gone is also the USB Type-C port and Thermaltake's approach to modularity called "DMD".

What you are left with is a sweet-looking case that is extremely sturdy and manages to delivery tangible functionality where it counts at a fraction of the price. You may still install multiple large radiators with ample storage options for most users left, even though some may want more than just two 3.5" trays. On top of that, there is a ton of space both in the main compartment and behind the motherboard tray to assemble everything, especially considering you can essentially remove every panel for access during assembly.
 Thermaltake S500 TG Review