Swiftech H20-120FB Rev. 3 & Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU Block Reviews

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Well the Swiftech H20-120FB really exceeded my expectations, as well as most people that knew about this little project. Many believed that my temperatures would be much higher, but this kit and the Maze4 performed amazingly! For a little over $200 I was able to move into a water cooling kit that helps me to maintain a stable overclock with very good temperatures and have dropped my load temperatures on the video card by 30+ Degrees C with a Zalman VF-700 aftermarket air cooler and almost 50 Degrees C over the stock X1900XTX cooler.

I can't say enough about this kit. I'm sure with a dual 120MM radiator and a more powerful pump I could lower the temperatures but this was more of an experiment that was designed around a low cost pre-boxed kit. If anyone can do these types of kits, Swiftech can - and they have delivered!