Sushi Browser 0.8.0

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Sushi Browser is a multi-panel Chromium-based browser that aims to allow maximum screen space usage.

Sushi Browser is a multi-panel Chromium-based browser that aims to allow maximum screen space usage.The idea with Sushi Browser is to allow you to utilize all available space to the fullest. It allows you to access multiple things at once within separate panels. You can watch two websites at once with synchronized scrolling capabilities, access your user directory, view in mobile mode, slim menu and more. While using the multi-panel configuration, you have a various manner of useful options like opening your favorite page or pages from your history using the sidebar. Or you can display web pages same as common panels, and simultaneous page transition where by using a regular expression, the page URL can be permutated and opened on a different page as well opening a normal page on the left and Google Translate at the right for instance. There are so many useful capabilities included with this browser without the need of add-ons - you have a versatile download function that allows you to download video and music information, and the download link is displayed automatically. You can also run parallel downloads meaning that for one file it can download with a maximum of 8 parallel downloads. It can also utilize mouse gestures from Chrome's extension features, Anything searches, and AutoPagerize (auto website read ahead). There is a going on with Sushi Browser, and for this, you may find that it is not lightning fast, but what this browser lacks in speed it certainly makes up for in multi-faceted usage.Following are some other Sushi Browser functions:Swapping panels: You can switch the position of 2 panelsAligning panels: Panels can be lined up with fixed widths horizontally or verticallySwitch direction: You can realign vertically-lined panels horizontally or horizontally-lined panels verticallySimultaneous scrolling: By moving the mouse wheel, you can scroll two panels at the same timeMobile mode: You can carry out the switch to pages for mobile device use (Change of user agent)