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When SteelSeries introduced their Siberia Elite I couldn't have been more excited. Sadly after testing I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. They weren't as comfortable as the Siberia v2 and I had a few audio issues as well. To the point where we even tried replacing them mid testing thinking my set might have been bad. In the end they weren't terrible, but considering their price they didn't live up to what they should have been. At our last LAN SteelSeries pulled me aside and had me try out a prototype Elite with a few changes and later they invited me to visit their Chicago office to check out their revamped product lineup. Well they listened to both us and the customer reviews on Amazon and made a few big changes with their new Siberia Elite Prism headset. Today I?m going to kick the dust off the original Elites and compare the two headsets to see if those changes are enough.
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