Steam Inventory Helper 2.0.5

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Steam Inventory Helper is a browser addon for Chrome and Edge it is meant to help improve your Steam market and inventory experience.

Steam Inventory Helper 2.0.5

Steam Inventory Helper for Chrome and Edge is meant to help improve your Steam market and inventory experience.

The Steam Inventory Helper extension is designed to rectify some of the flaws in the Steam web UI, allowing you to focus on buying and selling items. Using it will additionally help find the lowest prices for games. Several customization options are available to make your entire experience more efficient, and it may even save you some bucks.

Steam Inventory Helper Features and Tools:

Displaying item prices directly in your steam inventory
Quickly selling items in bulk. Auto-accept feature, auto-adjust price (by Steam) feature
Quick pick and count items from a trade offer with no duplicate, no trash (for Dota 2 items) option
Quick buy for items on listing page and newly listed tab with one click
Show desktop notifications when you have new trade offers (make sure to allow Google Chrome to run in the background).
Display warning messages on items with custom names, descriptions on the market page
Check item price directly in your trade offer window via mouse-over
Calculate the total trade offer sum/value directly in the trade offer window
Quick buy set of items with custom dialog
Filter items on "My sell listings" tab
Change the default number of rows on listing pages
Buying Steam trading cards right on the in-game cards page
Auto ignore/block friend invites with Steam level below the threshold

All functions are built based on the Steam community website and Steam WebAPI with some tweaks to eliminate unnecessary steps.

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Steam Inventory Helper 2.0.5