Simple Port Forwarding 2.5.0

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Port forwarding made simple. Now supports 612+ routers. This is a big update.

Simple Port Forwarding works with WebPages and not directly with your router. Making it a safe program to use. Its no different than using Firefox, IE or any other browser to setup port forwarding yourself.
The program works by automating the process for you. So whether you don't understand how to forward ports, or your simply looking for an easier way to forward ports then this program is for you. Its port forwarding made simple.

The main interface of the program is small and clean. Giving options of seeing what is going to be forwarded to the router and how many entries and ports it will use in the process. You have the ability to save your list and send it to another user of the program. An example would be, lets say you have a family member who lives far from you and doesn't really understand port forwarding, so instead of spending a lot of time over the phone walking them through it you can simply have them use the program and have them load the list and update their router, then your all done. Now that's a time saver.

The program has a large database of known ports for over 670+ games and programs, so finding the port you need is made a little easier.
The program will also remember custom applications you put in, so you don't have to reenter them. The program remembers the last IP address you use to forward to, this helps not having to set it every time you load new ports!

The program has many extra tools, such as a tool to set your IP to static or back to DHCP. When port forwarding the router forwards to an IP address. When DHCP is enabled your IP address can change and thus breaking the port forwarding. By setting your IP to static it never changes. I added this tool to make setting a static IP as easy as possible for people instead of manually doing it on there systems (Which if a person has never done it before can be a little intimidating). The Program also makes adding the ports to the windows firewall as easy as a few clicks! Once you have your ports forwarded you can then test to see if they can be accessed right from with in the program using the built in port tester.

One nice thing about the program is you can see it working with your router. So if there is a problem you will know, also it feels better seeing what's going on with your router instead of just hoping the program is working. The program has other small features, such as a easy way to download and keep the router, program ports and languages up to date with a simple click of your mouse. Any questions? If you can't find the help you need drop me a line in the forums!

Save Your Ports List To Easily Share With Friends or Family.
Automatic Program Updates. (Must run as administrator in Vista and Windows 7)
Easily Update Routers, Predefined Ports, and Languages with just a few clicks. (Must run as administrator in Vista and Windows 7)
Set Your Computers IP Address To Static or DHCP With Just One Click.
Easily Add/Remove/View The Ports You Have Forwarded To The Windows Built-in Firewall.
Test That Your Port Forwarding Is Working With The Built In Tester That Will Open and Listen On The Ports SO The Tests Wont Fail.
Advanced Tools Such as "Silent Mode" to Keep Any Webpage Scripts Errors From Popping up.
Built-in Debug Mode to Let The User Control When The Program Goes to The Next Step in a Script, Helping Find Problems With Any Script.
Quick Access To The Ever Growing List Of Router Guides. (Guides Such As Port Forwarding, Port Triggering and Wireless Setup)
Quick Access To The Ever Growing List Of Router Screenshots.
Best of all the program is 100% FREE.

Added more commands to handle more routers.
Made editing the script from the program possible. This mainly benefits me when I am trying to help and support a new router and the user doesn't have MS Access installed on their system so I can edit the script. Now the script can be edited right from the program.
Small bug fixes.
Code improvements, making some commands and calls more efficient.
Multiple user interface changes and tweaking.
Added a new repair Internet Explorer Tool under the advanced menu. This tool reregisters all the files needed for IE and fixes a lot of problems when IE isn't working right.
Added a new repair MDAC and Jet tool. This will help fix problems when the router database wont load.
Added new menu item to point people to a page on the site to help if port forwarding still doesn't work after the router has been updated.
Added a new Check List to the getting started window. This will help guide users from start to finish.
Added support to detect the port settings of BitLord (