RivaTuner 2.0 Final

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RivaTuner is the most powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA display adapters running under Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The purpose of this utility is to give you access to all the undocumented features of the Detonator drivers. All versions of the Detonator drivers have a lot of undocumented registry entries. Some of them don?t affect anything, but there are some that are very useful.

What's new:

Added ForceWare 97.28 and 97.44 drivers support. Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 93.28 and 97.44 drivers. Added ForceWare 97.44 compatible gamma corrected antialiasing control. Added Catalyst 6.12 drivers detection. Updated Catalyst 6.12 certified SoftR9x00 patch scripts. Updated PCI DeviceID database for NVIDIA graphics processors.

Full ChangeLog

Download RivaTuner 2.0 Final @ Guru3D.com