Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.221 (Cat 6.2)

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The new Omega Drivers based on the Catalyst 6.2 are ready!

What's New in Omega Drivers?

[*] Based on the Catalyst 6.2 Official drivers.
[+] Added support for x1900 Series.
[F] Fixed installation support for Radeon Express 200 cards.
[+] Added a new wide-screen resolution, 1440x900.
[+] Added an option to the installer to make sure ATT works correctly with IGP/Laptops.

What's new for ATI Tray Tools?
[+] Updated core names database. Added information about R505 chips.
[*] Improved "High precision" overclocking mode for X8xx boards. Now ATT can set more accurate values for requested GPU and Memory clocks.
[*] Resrticted I2C scan procedure up to 0x4F address.
[+] Added new configuration option (in atitray.ini) to exchange GPU and Environment temperatures
[F] Fixed wrong temperature display in Overclocking window if SharedMemory was disabled
[F] Fixed issue when ATT unable to restore current colors after game end
[F] Fixed isuue when ATT shows incorrect values for free Video and Texture memory in FlashOSD module

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