Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT) v2.2.1 Released... @ MVKTech

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We have been notified about the long awaited update of the Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT) software. This tool allows users to fine tune the ATI Radeon BIOS. RaBiT is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest ATI graphics cards, and which is updated on regular basis. RaBiT allows graphics card enthusiasts, or the hardcore overclockers to have full control over advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards.

Download: Radeon BIOS Tuner v2.2.1 Changes in this Version
- Fixed Radeon X1950 Chipset Description String
- Mark 2D or 3D same a OverDrive Profiles

Please submit your original BIOS on MVKTech so we are able to improve NiBiTor more frequently.