PhotoDemon 6.6

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PhotoDemon is an extremely fast easy to use portable photo editor packed with professional quality features.

PhotoDemon is an extremely fast easy to use portable photo editor packed with professional quality features such as 100+ filters and tools, layers, macro recording, batch processing, automatic update notifications, real-time effect previews, EXIF and XMP metadata handling, RAW format support, color-managed workflow, and much more.Newly added features include: New selection tools: magic wand, lasso, and polygon. Automatic updates, including delta patches for smaller files (like languages). Customize the new update options from the Tools > Options menu. Numerous interface improvements, including new tab strip, text up/down, image buttons, and other controls created specifically for PhotoDemon. Improved file format support, including RAW support for 200 new camera models (via LibRaw), WMF and EMF metafile support, improved PNG compatibility, and many metadata improvements. New tone-mapping dialog for HDR and RAW images. Tone-mapping is also provided for high bit-depth variants of common formats, like 48- and 64-bit PNGs. Adaptive supersampling is now available for all Distort and Transformation tools. A number of New and/or overhauled tools, including Cross-Screen, Lens Flare, single-shot HDR, Channel Mixer, Surface Blur, Unsharp Masking, and more. Many improvements to existing tools, including performance, accuracy, and interface improvements to Curves, Levels, Green Screen (Chroma Key), Color Balance, Kaleidoscope, Zoom Blur, Motion Blur, and many others. Improved performance program-wide, including a new viewport pipeline, improved image compositor, updated localization engine, and new internal image manager. Improved localization and translation support. This is the first PD release to ship without any incomplete language files ? thank you again to the amazing volunteer translators that made this possible! Many improvements to the main editor screen, including a resizable and customizable left-hand toolbox, auto-hiding of the options toolbox, and new quick-access buttons for Save Lossless Copy and Fade Last Effect. New Fit Image, Fit Width, and Fit Height 'smart zoom? options. Many other bug-fixes, performance, and accuracy improvements throughout the program