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Opera GX includes the features needed to help you get the most out of gaming and browsing.

Opera GX includes the features needed to help you get the most out of gaming and browsing. Portable version is also available.

Opera GX is a web browser designed for gamers. It offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience and optimize the performance of your device.

What makes Opera GX different from other browsers? Opera GX is not just a web browser but a gaming companion that offers a range of features to enhance your gaming experience and optimize your device performance. Although designed for gamers, these features will benefit anyone who uses a browser often. Here are some of the main features that set Opera GX apart from other browsers:

GX Control: This feature allows you to adjust the CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth that Opera GX uses so that you can free up resources for your games. You can also monitor the usage of these resources in real-time and set limits to prevent Opera GX from consuming too much.

GX Corner: This feature is a hub where you can find the latest news, deals, and releases in the gaming world. You can also access free games, watch game trailers and streams, and join giveaways and contests. The GX Corner is customizable, so you can choose what content you want to see and how often.

Twitch and Discord Integration : You can get your Twitch feeds and Dicsocrd notifications right in your sidebar or in the browser.

Ad blocker and tracker blocker: Opera GX also gives you the ability to experience greater privacy and security with its free, no-log, unlimited browser VPN. You can also use the free VPN feature to access geo-restricted content and secure your connection. These features can speed up browsing and protect privacy.

Extensions and themes: Opera GX supports various extensions and themes that can enhance your browsing experience. Opera GX is based on Chromium, which means not only can you use extensions from the Opera store, but nearly and Chrome-based extension will work with this browser. Using the Opera account, you can also sync your settings and bookmarks across devices.

GX Sound: This feature allows you to customize the sound effects of your browser, such as the tab opening and closing sounds, the startup sound, and the notification sound. You can choose from different sound packs created by professional composers and sound designers or create your own.

Many more features are fun and useful. For example, you can customize the color and look or your browser, and Opera GX even has a built-in meme generator -- and we know geeks love memes.

Opera GX is a browser that understands modern browsing needs and helps you enjoy your favorite games and discover new ones. Opera GX is still Opera, so users of the standard browser will feel right at home surfing the web, and those not accustomed to Opera will find it very intuitive and straightforward to use.

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