OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.5.0

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OpenCore Legacy Patcher enables macOS Big Sur and newer versions to be installed on Macs as old as 2007, even if they are no longer supported by Apple.

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.5.0

The OpenCore Legacy Patcher is a powerful tool that allows you to enjoy a truly seamless and native experience on a variety of unsupported Macs. This innovative software can inject and patch data directly into memory by leveraging advanced boot loader technology rather than relying on disk-based modifications. This means you can run the latest macOS versions on older, officially unsupported Macs without any of the usual compatibility issues or performance drawbacks.

With OpenCore Legacy Patcher, you can explore new levels of productivity, creativity, and functionality on your trusted Mac and unlock its full potential for years to come.

OpenCore Legacy Patcher supports macOS Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, and Native Over the Air (OTA) System Updates. Macs from Penryn and newer are fully supported, with WPA Wi-Fi and Personal Hotspot support on models numbering BCM943224 and above.

You can also activate System Integrity Protection, FileVault 2, .im4m Secure Boot, Vaulting Recovery OS, Safe Mode, and Single-user Mode booting on non-native operating systems. The patcher unlocks features like Sidecar and AirPlay on native and non-native Macs. It also provides improved power management for non-Apple SATA and NVMe storage devices without requiring any firmware patching (such as APFS ROM patching). Additionally, it offers graphics acceleration for both Metal and non-metal GPUs.

If you are still running an older Mac and don't want to buy a new machine, then OpenCore Legacy Patcher will help you breathe some life into it to continue using it.

An in-depth user guide is provided to help get you started.

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.5.0