Old Twitter Layout for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

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Old Twitter Layout gives you back the classic Twitter layout from 2015.

Old Twitter Layout for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

If you don't like the new Twitter look, you can switch back to BE time (Before Elon). Old Twitter Layout doesn't add any CSS over the original Twitter but rather a totally different client replacing the original new Twitter client.

Old Twitter Layout switches to the chronological timeline by default, you can switch back to the algorithmic timeline from settings.

Old Twitter Layout Features:

- Basically, almost all of Twitter's functionality is implemented
- Super fast, most pages load even faster than the original Twitter
- Custom profile link colors supported
- You can change the profile link color, and it'll appear for other extension users (priority: oldtwitter color db -> twitter color db -> default color)
- Ability to enable/disable Twemoji, disable stars (favorites) back to likes (hearts), change default link color and font
- Dark mode support
- Removes all ads
- Easy download of videos and GIFs
- Lot of hotkeys
- Custom CSS support

Hotkeys - You can disable all hotkeys in settings.

General hotkeys:

`F` - focus the search bar.
`ALT+F` - unfocus search bar (only when the search bar is focused).
`N` - open a new tweet modal.
`ALT+N` - close new tweet modal.
`ESC` - close any modal.
`M` - open/close the user menu (use TAB to navigate).
`CTRL+ENTER` - send a tweet (when typing reply/quote/new tweet).

Active tweet hotkeys. On the bottom-right of the tweet element, there's a blue dot showing the tweet is active:

`S` - move to the next tweet.
`W` - move to the previous tweet.
`L` - (un)favorite/like a tweet.
`T` - (un)retweet tweet.
`R` - open reply box.
`Q` - open quote box.
`C` - copy tweet image.
`D` - download tweet media.
`SPACE` - open full image/pause or resume video.
`ENTER` - open a tweet in a new tab.

These hotkeys work only when the reply/quote box is opened:

`ALT+R` - close reply box.
`ALT+Q` - close quote box.

These will work when the reply/quote/new tweet modal is focused:

`ALT+M` - upload media.
`ALT+F` - remove the first uploaded media.

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Old Twitter Layout for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge