New ATI OpenGL Driver Released & Performance Evaluation!

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ATI has released a new OpenGL driver library to correct issues with Soldier Of Fortune 2: Double Helix. On levels where snow/fog effects are displayed the screen would display a blue tint. Read more for download location and usage instructions.

To use the update: 1. Ensure that you using one of the following display drivers: Windows 98/ME - display driver version 4.13.9031 Windows 2000 - display driver version Windows XP - display driver version 2. Obtain and install the appropriate OpenGL component update. Windows 98/ME - WME-SOF-OGL-3140-PATCH.EXE Windows 2000/XP - WXP-W2K-SOF-OGL-3140-PATCH.EXE When downloaded simply run the included installer. It is interesting that the new version is compared to which was delivered with the original 6071 driver set. As speculated for quite some time ATI is working on a new driver set that will improve performance by rumoured 5-10 percent. The huge leap in version numbers could be a little indicator for some progression in driver development. Update: Just ran some quick test with GLExcess and from the results you can see that my guess is correct! I really look forward to the new driver release - That is for sure... GLExcess Results Click to enlarge - 3064 145Mhz FSB Click to enlarge - 3140 142 Mhz FSB The only thing that seems a little strange is the lower calculated score in scenes 10,11 & 12 although the fps are significantly faster... Maybe that is a problem with GLExcess. Also note that with 3140 my FSB setting is LOWER because I had stability issues with the PC @ 145Mhz.