MxNitro Alpha

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Currently in beta, this new browser only promises you one thing ? fast loading web pages and none of the bloat.

MajorGeek says: In a hurry? Who isn't nowadays? I hear a lot of people complaining about every browser out there and how they have become bloated but few browsers have come to the table bragging about how few features they have. Enter MxNitro from the guys who brought you Maxthon and Maxthon Cloud browser, both loaded with a ton of requested features and options. Currently in alpha, this new browser only promises you one thing ? fast loading web pages. There are no add-ons or extensions here, no cloud services, nothing. Just a slim, fast installing, fast loading, fast surfing web browser. The browser offers a home page, favorites and a new tab page with quick access to popular sites. I?d write more on it but there's nothing left to say ? literally. It's not for everyone but then again, that's why they have their other full featured browsers.Maxthon's MxNitro Web Browser is the newest addition to Maxthon's family of high-performance web browsers.If you want the fastest-starting, quickest page-loading, and most visually uncluttered web browser in the world, you?ve come to the right place.The MxNitro team focused on 4 major areas to gain speed.1: Removing largely unused, resource-hogging features like extensions, ad blockers, and cloud services.2: Algorithmic, predictive pre-fetching of websites based on browser and search history, and usage patterns across minutes, hours, and days of the week.3: Predictive pre-creation of connections to websites and pages.4: Stripping down the ?design load? through a simple, lightweight user interface.