Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova 115.11.0

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Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova is a free email application that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is easy to customize and comes with many useful features. Portable version is also available.

Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova 115.11.0

Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova is an email client prioritizing safety, speed, and user-friendliness. It has numerous built-in features, such as easy message search, customizable views, and IMAP/POP and RSS support.

This release channel of Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova features a single dynamic toolbar, presenting frequently used and contextual options based on the tab or Space that is currently active. Take full control by customizing the toolbar and window layout to perfectly fit your workflow. It also has a complete redesign of its GUI making it even easier to navigate and more appealing to the eye. See screenshots 1 (Supernova) and 2 (102.x).

Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova remains a reliable and safe option for managing your organization's emails. This email client includes several safety features that will benefit you, such as its junk mail filter. This feature efficiently analyzes all incoming mail and detects any likely to be spam. Additionally, you can manually select any emails that may slip through the filter. Thunderbird also uses high-level security measures, including digital signing, message encryption, S/MIME support, certificate support, and security devices, which enterprises and government agencies commonly use.

Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova offers a wide range of Mozilla Add-Ons that allow users to incorporate almost unlimited additional features. These add-ons are essential for building a personalized email client that caters to your requirements.

Portable version is also available.

Mozilla Thunderbird Has Both Junk and Spam Folders

Mozilla Thunderbird Supernova 115.11.0