More ATi R6xx Rumors

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The latest rumor out there revealed that R600 is 80nm process technology and is entering mass production soon . R600's Z no-AA performance is 2.5x, FP16 blending & filtering performance is 2.7x, FP32 blending & filtering performance is 3.9x, FP16 filtering performance is 8x of R580. R600 final clocks could be at 814MHz and has 64 unified shaders. [This could imply 32 ROPs]. According to the rumor, it seems that low end RV610 will be on 65nm process, Digital PWM, 8 layers PCB, 256MB/128MB 64bit DDR2. For the mainstream RV630, it will be on 65nm process, bi-directional PWM for GPU and uni-directional PWM for memories, support 2x256MB 128bit GDDR4. Source: VR-Zone