Microsoft Windows XP SP1 To Be Tough On Warez!

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With all the news at the moment on Windows XP's soon to be beta tested/released/leaked (whatever!) Service Pack 1 (SP1), I read this interesting snippet on The Register.

And one last thing readers who're no better than they should be should bear in mind about SP1. Microsoft is going to engineer it so that it won't work on a widely-warezed activation key, which as we recall escaped form a large friend of Microsoft beginning with D. It would appear that Microsoft does not intend application of SP1 to vape systems installed using that key, but simply to freeze them where they are, and to block their ability to use Windows Update. Microsoft has used service packs to disable installations it deemed pirated in the past, and we'd guess it's decided not to do this because it might hit legit systems by mistake, or generate adverse publicity from innocent victims.

For the full story warp 2 The Register