Microsoft website suffers DoS attack (MS claims not by blaster)

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Pcadviser reports suffered DDoS attack. But the blaster worm isnt to blame A Microsoft spokeswoman said "the site experienced a DoS attack at 8:45pm PDT on Thursday [4:45am Friday UK time], but that it was not due to the Blaster worm, nor caused by the major power outages that have affected the US east coast."

"We are currently investigating the cause of the attack but it was not Blaster," the spokeswoman said. This contradicts rumours that have been rife in the antivirus community. A press release from anti virus specialist, BitDefender, yesterday warned that Microsoft's Windows Update site could come under attack from a DoS instigated by the bug MSblast. BitDefender said "[MSblast's] three versions enclose instructions to launch a DoS attack against, beginning from tomorrow [Thursday]." For full read warp2:- news- source :- ------------------------------------------------------------

Update:- If you still havent taken measures for the blaster worm . please follow the important instructions below for protect yourself.Also by my experience enabling firewall does make the system safe. Heise online is informing that Microsoft Server are actually being hit by Blaster. Heise has made an arrangement with Microsoft Germany and setup server to mirror patches for all Version of Windows.(in case MS/MS update goes down again .. i guess). Please visit heise and download the respective patch you needed to apply. News-Source :- ยต