MetarWeather 1.78

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MetarWeather is a utility for decoding METAR weather reports from around the world and displaying them in a simple report table.

MetarWeather 1.78

MetarWeather is a user-friendly and reliable software that allows you to decode and display aviation weather reports called METARs worldwide easily. These reports contain crucial information about the current weather conditions at an airport, such as wind direction and speed, visibility, cloud coverage, and temperature.

METAR, Aviation Routine Weather Report, is a standardized reporting method of airports' weather conditions worldwide. Typically, METAR reports are issued once an hour, but they are issued more frequently in case of significant weather changes.

Each METAR report includes important information about the current weather conditions, such as temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, visibility, cloud cover, and any current weather, such as rain, thunderstorms, hail, snow, etc.

With MetarWeather, you can quickly access and analyze this data in a clear and concise table format. The software automatically translates the complex codes and abbreviations used in METARs into easy-to-understand language, allowing you to make informed decisions about flight planning and safety.

You have the option to save the weather report as a text, HTML, or XML file. MetarWeather can also decode METAR reports straight from a text file, or download the most current reports directly from the Internet.

Whether you're a pilot, air traffic controller, or weather enthusiast, MetarWeather provides an efficient and accurate way to stay up-to-date on global weather conditions.

MetarWeather 1.78