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If you need a simple, lightweight, and highly efficient way to map your LAN, give LANalyze (formerly MapPing) a try.


LANalyze (formerly MapPing) is a Command Line tool that takes up less than 650 KB of storage space and does not alter the registry. This makes it convenient to utilize directly from a USB flash drive. With LANalyze, you have the option to save your results in a TXT or CSV file, or even both.

It's worth noting that LANalyze is optimized for analyzing wired local area networks (LANs), which is similar to other programs. However, when used with wireless LANs or hybrid networks, the results may vary due to various factors, such as the availability of repeaters, the quality of devices used, the distance from the router, and the strength of the wireless signal.

For more straightforward use from the Command Line, you can add the path to LANalyze to your "Path" environment variable.

Command Parameters

-r or –range that defines the IP range to scan (for Default is

So, to scan the LAN IPs from to

LANalyze –range=
And with the registered version of LANalyze, you can scan from to
LANalyze –range=192.168.0-10.0-255

Together with the download is a PDF with app documentation, including usage, installation, and more.

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