Laks DVB-T TV Watch Review

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Bios Magazine posted a review on the Laks DVB-T TV Watch

A quote from the article:

"LAKS' DVB-T Watch puts an innovative spin on watching digital TV broadcasts on the move. You'll probably spend a lot of time tweaking the software's settings and moving the aerial to get the best reception, but most other devices have the same 'problem' in terms of a lack of decent mobile reception. Let's be clear though: you'll never get high definition video or outstanding audio quality. And the fact you have to take the watch off or hook a laptop up to your wrist is bizarre. Nevertheless, we're all for innovation and the DVB-T Watch would make a great gift for any self-respecting DVB-T fan. If we could change one thing it would be to eliminate the need to install any software - how cool would it be to just plug the watch into your PC at work and kick back to The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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